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  1. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    AFRPFG (Android Fantasy Role Playing Forum Game)

    This game is a forum based RPG. The rules were made by several forum gamers here on AF: karandpr, agentc13, marc12868, Metroid prime, and myself :D

    The full rules if you wish to see them (other than in this and the next few posts;)) are being kept here https://docs.google.com/document/d/17_yqeyzTQy4U9Hcz6vRbnAFzSThH54jtDohSPxyi_E4/edit

    The rules are still being written and I will try to keep the rules posts as well as the google doc updated as well. If we find something doesn't work then we will change it to something that should work better.

    Now onto more fun stuff :)

    Terms to know:
    Game Master(GM)-The person in charge of moving the story along and presenting the world and various non player characters in the world
    Non Player Character (NPC)-Any character controlled by the GM
    Player Character-Any character controlled by a player, this character can not be controlled by the GM under most conditions

    Note on forum based play​

    This game will be slow moving it is the nature of the beast. After the GM posts the scenario the players have up to 12 hours to declare their actions, maybe more. If a player fails to post within a 12 hour period they will go into a state of limbo. If a battle is going on and an enemy is focused on the missing character the character will remain in the game but make no action. If there is no battle or no enemy is focused on the missing character the character will

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  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member


    Strength is physical strength it would affect how hard you punch, or if you can knock down a door with brute force.
    Agility affects your ability to dodge attacks as well as ranged attacks
    Body is health of your character and any natural armor
    Charisma is your personal effect on others, it would affect trying to charm other
    Intelligence is book smarts and basis for arcane magic
    Willpower is the basis for divine magic as well as your ability to resist temptation

    Character Creation

    You start by choosing your race. Next you must determine if you want a character that has the ability to use magic or not this decision can not be changed at any point later. If you are Android you must be magical.

    Human base attributes are:

    Android base stats are:

    Now to explain the point system. You begin with 18 additional attribute points you can distribute however you wish. Every attribute must have at least 1 point. An average attribute is considered a 4. You may not have any attribute above 6 at the time of creation. If you are a non-magic user your intelligence and willpower may not be above 4. If you are a magic user your related stat must be at least a 5.

    Example character
    Name: Spammer
    Race: Non-magical Human

    While Spammer wouldn't be the brightest individual he is tries to influence people over and over, no matter how much you hurt him he always seems to come back. He can be sneaky thanks to his high agility but often when he gets caught he is too dumb to talk his way out of it.

    Rewards system

    The rewards are called "Post Points" or PP that you can use to raise your attribute stats. PP are given after encounters, end of quests, finding an easy way to deal with a difficult situation, good roleplaying...PP can be spent to raise your stats.

    To find out how much it will PP it will cost to raise a stat we can use the following with the current stat # as the variable "x" 3(x+1)


    As I said before humans have more health than Androids in general. I think we should have a easy way to determine HP, my thoughts are it will be based on the body stat plus charisma stat, which will be "x" and can be figured out by using the following formula
    Android max health=4x
    Human max health=5x

    If you use PP to raise either stat your max HP will rise as well however available HP does not rise, unless you are at max HP otherwise you would need to sleep or use a healing item to raise the max HP.

    While sleeping characters regain 6 HP per hour.

    Spammer’s max health is 50 HP

    Armor Class (AC)

    Armor class is found by adding together your Body and Agility and any armor bonus. Spammer has an agility 5 and a body of 6 so he would have an AC of 11, so when someone is trying to hit him they would need to roll an 11. However if someone was trying to hit him with something like napalm which doesn't have to penetrate his natural armor they would just need to roll a 6. If he is unable to move around (he is sitting down) he would not receive his agility bonus so if someone wanted to shoot him they would just need to roll 5.

    There could of course be times when someone would just need to not roll a 1 (Spammer is sleeping) or when the target number would be higher (some calls a shot they want to use an axe to chop off his left arm they may need a 22 but if successful they would chop off his arm and cause higher than normal damage)

    Let’s say Spammer also is wearing a leather jacket that provides +2 to his armor now his AC is 13.
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  3. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member


    The post ID to determine damage say Spammer had been attacking someone with his last post and hit with a 3. He was using a dagger which we can say has a damage of between 1 and 5 I was thinking of using the last 2 digits in the post ID to determine that so with 4423792 we have 92 with a damage of 1 to 5 we could determine damage as 5*.92=4.6 rounded up and he would cause 5 points of damage.

    Say he was shooting someone with a rocket launcher that did between 10 and 21 points of damage (11 point range) we would have to add 1 to the range then do the math as 12*.92= 11.04 rounded up 12+9=21 the nine is the weapons smallest amount of damage minus 1


    There are both combat and noncombat skills. The combat skills are described below noncombat skills must be determined by the player and the GM will help determine what the related attribute to the skill is. For example say you want to have a skill in computer hacking, I would assign that to your intelligence. Another example could be pole dancing which I would assign to charisma assuming you want the skill to make money.

    For starting characters you start with skills equal to twice an attribute of your choice, once chosen the attribute will be your character
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  4. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member


    Magic is handled as special skills you may gain magic skills related to either intelligence or willpower. You may not have a magic skills in both intelligence and willpower. Magic is a special skill unlike any other in which you can gain it multiple times and it has a limited number of uses per day.

    First to give a description of the different types of magic skills

    Arcane magic (Intelligence based)
    Abjuration - magic that cancels out other magic
    Alteration - magic that changes physical characteristics
    Charms - magic that affects others mentally
    Conjuring (subcategory) - magic that brings forth elements must choose a subcategory from the following:
    Evocation - magic that brings forth non-elemental forces
    Illusion - magic that creates illusions
    Necromacy - magic related to fear and (un)death
    Universal - Basic spells

    Divine magic (Willpower based)
    Divination - magic related to info gathering
    Elemental (subcategory) - spells related to elements must choose a subcategory from the following:
    Healing - magic related to healing
    Luck - allows castor to reroll a failed roll
    Nature - magic relating to the natural world
    Necromancy - magic related to fear and (un)death
    Protection - magic that calls protective forces
    Universal - basic spells

    You can gain a magical skill like any other when creating your character. If you are taking evocation then it would be documented as
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  5. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Currency: Google Credits (abbr. Googs, or GC)

    Weapons:Weapons: (format weapon name damage range)
    Revolver 3 to 10
    Six Shooter 3 to 10
    Pistol 3 to 10
    Pistol Rail Gun (PRG) 3 to 10
    Hunting Rifle 6 to 12
    Rifle 6 to 12

    Knife 1 to 4 plus
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  6. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Working on my character...

    I've got a question, about the point distribution. How does that relate to skills, EX. If a melee character was skilled with 666 in the first three attributes, and had the Melee Skill of "Edge" and "Karate", do points go towards that as well, or is it like, pick your skills. ? Sounds cool though. really diggin this. I foresee many hours that I should be doing homework, checking out the latest adventuring... :D
  7. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    For the skills you just pick them one time and you are able to use that weapon. The only skills you can gain multiple times are magic skills
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  8. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Character time, hope this is right ;)

    NAME: Cain
    Race: Non-magical Human

    A rough older man, strong silent type. Dressed in a longcoat and tattered cowboy hat. His unshaven profile is adorned with scars, as are his hands and arms. While not one to shy away from a fight, he will always attempt to take a stealthy approach when possible.

    HP: 60
    AC: 20 (+3) *23*

    S: 5
    A: 12
    B: 8
    C: 5
    I: 4
    W: 1

    Primary Skill: Agility.

    Combat Skills:
    Long Ranged Rifles (sniper )

    Non-Combat Skills:
    Lock Pick
    Free Running
    Diving Rolls
    Trap removal (agility based)
    Captain Ship

    Six shooter and ammo (50)
    Synthetic leather vest (+2 AC) #Still have, but not wearing.
    Reinforced Leather Vest (+3 AC)
    First Aid kit.
    +2 Explosive Sniper Rifle (+2 to hit, 12-18 damage) (100 rounds)
    Short sword
    Luck Amulet (5 charges)
    Tranquilizer Gun and ammo for it.
    (update - we should note that I have *not* been keeping up on my ammo fired... >.> :eek:)

    79 (update as of 6/5)
    10 from night 1 RP, spent 21 from fight and RP on night 2
    45 from the first pirate battle.
    34 (spent some...) from RP re: jail time...
    +5 for shooting contest...
    +12 for ship battle...
    +37 for ruins
    +39 for ruins pt. 2
    +99 pp for the insanity on the boat trying to kill that lady...
    +23 -- two rewards, after Shane joined and boat ride after that (w/ iarmy)
    [[A 10 > 11; B 5 > 6]]

    132-21(B 6>7)-24(B 7>8) = 87
    87-36 (a 11>12) =51
    *as of June 2, 2012
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  9. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Just a doubt
    Can I use arcane and divine together or I would have to reassign the stats :p

    Name : T'resezk
    Race :Magical Human

    Description : Not much to say except he is a shadow . One of the early magical researchers ,he has strong knowledge of magic .He gets his work done with his skills and avoids combat at all costs .A man with silver tongue they say .He is also rumored to be descendant of the mystical syrons .

    PP available :0
    GC left :752+3750+3750(Cain's)+5200+63


    S: 3->4->5->6
    A: 3
    B: 4 ->5->7->8->9
    C: 4
    I: 4
    W: 6 -> 7 ->9 -> 10->11->12->13

    Primary Skill : Will Power

    Combat Skills:

    Non-Combat skills :
    Sailing (Will Power)

    Magic Skills :
    • Healing -->2 (26 charges +2)
    • Divination
    • Elemental Lightning -->2 (26 charges +2)
    • Elemental Air (13 charges +1)
    • Elemental Earth (13 charges +1)
    • Elemental Water -->2 (26 charges +2)
    • Luck (12 charges +1 )
    • Necromancy -2 (26 charges +6)
    • Protection -2 (26 charges +1)
    • Nature (13 charges +1 )
    Current Inventory

    • 2 cotton shirts and a pair of jeans .
    • A medium backpack .
    • ,A sleeping bag
    • Two loaves of bread .
    • Some wine
    • 2x Elemental Sabres(Weapon Melee)
    • Six bottles of water .
    • Leaves of the Knowlet tree -6 (2 used)(Magic )
    • A cellphone
    • Some maps of the nearby terrain >_>
    • Some paper .
    • A compass
    • pendulum
    • Carving Knife
    • Sundial
    • Wand of greater Resurrection 1 charge
    • Amulet of epic
    • Necklace of Will power
    • Boots of Levitationx2
    • Necron Ring
    • two purple potion
    • A Flaming Club

    Reinforced leather vest
    Syn.Re leather vest
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  10. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    NAME: Smith

    Race: Magic Using Android (Human appearance).

    Description/Back Story:
    Smith is a roguish sort, with unkempt hair. He can be quite charismatic to others, but is quite a quirky fellow. He often dresses in a pinstriped suit and bow tie, but wears it in a manner that is more relaxed and comfortable (like a spy). Sometimes he is known to wear a light trenchcoat.

    Smith is the last of his kind. His subspecies of Android (The Scientarians) was in an all out conflict with another subspecies (think similar to tribal warfare in certain places). The Scientarian's were losing, but the conflict ended when Smith took out the entire group of his enemies, but the cost of this was the loss of everyone but Smith from his group. The details are fuzzy and this didn't happen by Smith's own powers, but from his use of a failsafe device that was made to take out the enemy as a last resort. Ever since Smith has wandered the lands trying to redeem himself.

    He is indistiguishable from Humans except under an intensive scan. He passes as human most of the time and is mistrusting of other Androids until he gets to know them. He does prefer the company of others (usually human) over travelling by himself, and he loves a good adventure!

    HP: 60
    AC: 26


    Post Points: 5
    Skill Points Available: 0

    Primary Skill: Intelligence

    Combat Skills:
    Edge Weapons
    Dual Wielding

    Magic Skills:
    Conjuring (Fire) 3 (45 charges)
    Conjuring (Electricity) 3 (45 charges)
    Conjuring (Air) 3 (45 charges)
    Evocation 2 (30 charges)
    Abjuration 1 (15 charges)
    Illusion 1 (15 charges)
    Charms 1 (15 charges)

    Non-Combat Skills:
    Negotiation (char based)
    Electronics (int based)
    History-Human (int based)
    History-Android (int based)
    First Aid (int based)
    Hacking (int based)
    Programming (int based)
    Sailing (wp based)

    Money: 4263 GC

    Items owned:
    A lucky coin from back home (worthless to anyone but himself as there is no one left to exchange that currency type)
    A suit and bow tie
    A pair of Chuck Taylor's
    A light trenchcoat (+ 1 AC)
    A backpack (normal size)
    A few energy bars (4)
    A loaf of bread
    1 lb of sliced ham
    1/2 lb cheddar cheese
    A sports drink
    3 bottles of water
    Basic electronic tools & wires
    A loaded revolver (6 shot)
    A shoulder holster
    150 rounds of extra ammo
    A cell phone (pre-paid dumb phone with 200 minutes)
    Nexus X phone and charger
    Friscoterian book
    Green Fedora
    Brass Knuckles
    1 double charge healing potion
    1 single charge healing potions
    2 Enchanted refined short swords (additional damage for your swords is 1-10 and you gain half the additional damage in HP) +1 dmg
    1 dual sword sheath for back
    1 Enchanted Kevlar Vest (+ 10 AC)
    1 Ring of Protection (+1 AC)
    1 Manawhip (Magical whip does 4-6 damage, +1 to hit, charges can be channeled through it allowing a magical spell to be cast, the spell must be included in the initial roll if you miss the attack the charges are lost for the day. To hit with the whip is agility based not intelligence based and the whip has a 8 foot range)
    1 Bracers of Regeneration (+1 HP/round)
    1 Ring of Smarts (+ 1 int)
    1 Ring of Vitality (+1 Body)
    1 Amulet of Charge (stores up to 10 magical charges)
    2 Flame Clubs
    Two potions
    A pair of iArmy boots
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  11. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I forgot to specify that...no you can't use arcane and divine magic at the same time. I will look into perhaps being able to gain a skill -to do that later on

    If nobody in the party plays a character that can heal I am not responsible for a total party kill :D;) I do try to avoid those just thinking new mechanics this is kinda like beta RPG
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  12. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    The divine magic and willpower skill set is pretty crappy . I can do First Aid . Period >_> <_<.
    Shift Charm to Divine Magic and I will switch to Divine magic :p .
    Plus more skills are required for Willpower .
  13. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    NPC party member if that is the case? I would gladly do some healing, but don't want it as a primary. How are you thinking first aid works? I was thinking of it as a weak version of healing magic.
  14. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    @karan & AC13
    Yeah first aid will be simply that a 1 time use per injury version of weak healing. Heals 1 to 5 plus intelligence. I think the divine choices are fair. I willing make elemental equal to conjuring if that would sway someone. As it stands right now they are able crate temporary protective houses to keep people from having to sleep outside, they can call upon their god to get info that would be unavailable to them otherwise. They are more useful outside of battle than a arcane spellcaster IMO and could be the difference between winning or losing a battle if most of the party is injured.

    I generally will not have an NPC party member. Too easy to metagame on accident ;)
  15. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Changed to divine magician ....
  16. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    I am leaning that way. If the damage a willpower magician can do is close to that of a intelligence based one it would be even easier.

    What about this idea, allow androids to choose both int/wis spellcasting like a human needs to pick the skill for arcane magic? It would make Androids more appealing to some without making a human arcane spellcaster too gimped. The Android would just have access to more types of spells, but it would also cost them more. And would make the likelihood of not having a heal capable character less likely. This would work with either the current implementation of the general arcane skill for humans (and int/wis one for android) or with the other one I suggested. Both sides would gain, and you can counter anything that seems OP with some sort of penalty if it seems like too much power.
  17. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    I think androids have decent advantage. Remember they have high charm resistance and powerful arcane offense.
    Plus androids dont have to use. skill point on learning arcane magic which is compulsory for humans .
  18. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I like the ideas. I'm making elemental and conjuring equal.

    The issue I have with allowing Androids to use divine spells is they are by nature arcane, it wasn't the blessing of Rob or Phases that caused them to come to life rather the trials of science. So to know and understand the divine is completely foreign to them...
    I'm brainstorming as I type this so welcome into the depths of Yeahha's head
    ...I suppose we could say some hold Frisco as god and that would explain why an arcane being can cast divine spells and they would be have to follow the same rule as human arcane skills with a divine (universal) skill...Other than just having created the first Friscoterians the other issue I am seeing with this is balance. Before the Androids didn't have access to an entire type of magic the humans did now they do and they can access both types of magic so in trying to not gimp the humans I think I have done it more...
  19. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    [Hide]But androids need mechanical repair to heal faster..
    I think it should be in intel skill :) .
    In contrast divine healing has half effective on androids due to mech. Nature . Also androids are weak in water based nature abilities while stronger in fire abilities[/spoiler]
  20. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I would rather not have multiple types of healing. Divine healing is just that. The healer's god of choice is healing the other character regardless of what needs to be healed.

    I also don't see how the magic to make fire appear is different than the magic to make water appear. I am debating on adding the second part and making Friscoterians still. It justifies the use of the human arcane (universal) skill
  21. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    That makes sense.
    But before humans could use both and androids couldn't, or am I understand it wrong? I am much more a fan of allowing PC's (player characters) to do some unorthodox things but making it cost them to do so (like spending skills on it, and for certain races those skills cost more) or making it not quite as strong as for another race. Maybe give humans a +1 or +2 (or fraction of Wisdom so it scales) to divine spells and give androids the same to arcane ones. Most of what I am saying is off the top of my head. The basic idea is to allow both races an advantage over the other (starting talent point levels, extra costs for certain things, maybe a bonus to certain types of things) but allowing them to do what they want.

    If androids are not supposed to do healing/wisdom based spells, why do they start with 3 wisdom and humans at 0?

    The other idea is to make arcane android and divine human and having similar abilities, but they have different strengths/weaknesses. As long as they can both heal enough and damage enough (not necessarily the same, but not too far different). It could be explained with android healing being something other than from the gods, but with a similar effect.

    I am making this difficult aren't I?
  22. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    [Hide]humans can use only one type of magic currently either arcane or divine. that too arcane magic costs an additional skill point. Androids are natural arcane user's meaning.they can use basic universal spells without using a skill point. That's what I believe.
    I believe the will power skill set will be extended to justify androids nature.( night vision or heat sensors to detect camouflage) [/Hide]
  23. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    yes you are :p
    really the starting amount is moot because of the rules that were written afterwards. Before humans did have access to both but not at the same time. If I incorporate that rule Androids will have access to both and at the same time. I can't justify saying an android can't use arcane magic since that is the basis for them being alive. I am thinking what I need to do is find a better use for willpower, perhaps making some sort of Luck spell that allows the caster to "reroll" a previous roll or something.
  24. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    If all magic were INT based and there was another use for willpower that might be a better way to work it out. Combine all magic into one IMO (and justify the source being science based or higher power based). Humans would use higher power base and androids science base. Both would do the same thing, but you could have modifiers for certain things (humans have a +2 to heal and androids have a +2 to defense or something) keeping damage the same for both.

    Just realized I have been confusing willpower with wisdom for the "W" :eek:

    Make willpower a resistance/defensive stat (like agi can be). Possibly a bonus to damage for spells like str is for melee and agi is for ranged, but not for landing the spell. That a good idea?
  25. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    So a complete revision of the magic rules? Ugh...I want to try my best to avoid that ;) I think if I could put out something more detailed as to what each of the different magics does it would help.

    The biggest reason I am not wanting to make a lot of revisions in the first place is we have no idea how the game is going to go at this point. I would rather test then revise if needed.

    Still thinking about the luck or assist skill under the divine spells where the castor can either reroll their last action or reroll someone else's action if it failed. I think that would give more to the divine spell caster class.
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