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  1. roxtah11

    roxtah11 New Member


    I have an x10 mini pro, when i had bought it then the battery drained real fast but after a few completely drained than charging. It had gotten better, and just a couple of days ago I had upgraded it thru Pc Companion from the S.E site to 2.1 android.
    And now my phone takes hours to charge. Lastnight I put it on charge around 11pm. And I woke up to check it at around 10am. thats 11hours, and it only charged 50% ..literally. Is there something wrong? Or what do I do to fix it?

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    It might be worth running the upgrade again to see if it is a software problem with the install.

    It sounds like something is running constantly in the background and draining. Is it losing charge so fast during the day as well?
  3. roxtah11

    roxtah11 New Member

    when i take it off charge than its draining but not really fast. it says that my display is taking a large amount of battery but my brightness is very low as well as 15s backlight time.
    everything else in the background is off, i dont use gps and my wi-fi is off except when i use it and then turn it back off when im done.
    i'll try upgrading it in again when my phone is charged as much as possible by tonight.
  4. varelasj

    varelasj New Member

    Try changing the usb cable that u are using to charge the phone. If it is only for data then i cannot do the job. You should have charging cable.
  5. iamlinzie11

    iamlinzie11 New Member

    Have you tried turning your phone off to charge your phone i have the sony erricson xperia x10 too but not the mini the normaly one and mine used to not keep its charge try turning it off may help xx

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