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  1. tommymolotov

    tommymolotov New Member

    The default camera app and camcorder app have not worked since I updated to 2.2. They open, but with a message saying "Please Wait..." in the middle of the screen. After a minute, the app just closes. I can never get past that "Please Wait" sign.

    Other camera apps, such as Vignette, still function.

    I have rebooted and removed the battery, etc.

    Other phones switching to 2.2 have had this problem, and have solved it by uninstalling LED Light...but I've never had that app.

    Any ideas?


  2. firegold21

    firegold21 Active Member

    I'm having the same issue. I did have Tesla LED installed and (partly since I almost never use it) uninstalled it after reading your comment about LED Light, but that did not get the Camera app working. I rather like the default Camera and would love to have it work properly again.

    Any advice?
  3. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    If you have a rooted phone, perhaps wiping the Dalvik cache?
  4. firegold21

    firegold21 Active Member

    Thanks, PSkeptic, but my phone is stock and never been rooted. Thought about it a couple times and was on the verge of actually trying it when I found out about the 2.2 release, lol.
  5. firegold21

    firegold21 Active Member

    Searching around on other forums and websites, it looks like a factory reset will fix the camera issue, but that means reinstalling all the apps. Which defeats the purpose entirely for me; I'd been reluctant to ODIN to Froyo because I didn't want to wipe and lose all the app data, and I didn't want to root so I couldn't back up that data with Titanium. I was overjoyed to see the official update finally here (my wife can attest to that; around 1 am, I started the OTA process), in part because I could get to Froyo without needing to lose the apps and their data.

    Isn't irony fun? ;)
  6. firegold21

    firegold21 Active Member

    Well, I took my phone into a Verizon store today and after a short bit of verifying the problem, they're sending me a new one. Now I need to decide if I want to root, backup the apps and data, then unroot or if I want to just bite the bullet and reinstall the apps and redo any needed data on the new phone.

    Also, is there anything in particular other than deleting any personal info, etc. that I need to do before returning this phone?
  7. Chadwicky

    Chadwicky New Member

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