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  1. jgfdsa

    jgfdsa New Member

    Hello!!! I already update my GALAXY 551 to 2.3 android version and everything is ok, less than the keypad issue.:mad::mad::mad:

    I was reading about change one file ( from a froyo backup ) in /system....

    Does any one can tell me how to get to this /system/usr/keychars in order to change it after the update :confused::confused::confused:

    ... and in any case can someone send me the file?? I didnt copy it. I have the QWERTY keypad and the problem I have is with the "?" ","


  2. smandava

    smandava New Member


    How did u update it to 2.3??
  3. czes21

    czes21 Member

    instal perseus 2 rom and problem disappears :D
  4. jgfdsa

    jgfdsa New Member

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