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    May 23, 2014
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    My S4 always allowed me to see new e-mail in my sub-folders. I have rules that put incoming mail in specific folders. I had to tap the refresh button when I was in the folder, but new mail always showed up. Since the 4.4.2 upgrade I can no longer do that. I have gone into the account settings and refreshed it there, no luck. I have messed with my e-mail settings to set them back to automatic, no luck. (I have them set to manual as I have serious issues with my battery losing its charge and overheating. So most everything is turned off.) I am also having trouble with my work Outlook mail. But at least when I go into setting and manually refresh from there, the mail displays.

    I have had this phone since July 2013 and while I love some of the features, the battery overheating and having to disable everything really makes me regret buying this phone. Now this issue. I complained to Verizon from the beginning and they were no help at all. So now I am stuck with it for another year and a half.

    Maybe if I can get the e-mail issue resolved I will get back to at least not hating the phone....



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