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after 905. my phone wont dowload

  1. basoodler

    basoodler Well-Known Member

    I flashed FXZ/rsdlite my bionic to 902 and updated it via zip to 905. I am still in stock, but rooted.

    Everytime i try to download a rom it just fails. Via wifi, 3g or 4g. Internal or external sd cards.

    Any idea how i can fix this? Im guessing its a security option? But cant find it.

  2. eyedea

    eyedea Well-Known Member

    Are you using the stock browser?
  3. basoodler

    basoodler Well-Known Member

    Yea I was using stock browser. It wouldn't even start to download anything.
    I installed dolphin mini from my SD card, and that fixed the problem. I've never had that happen when flashing updates
    maybe the browser conflicted with the update somehow.

    All I know is it's been a pain to upgrade.. I started to sbf to 902 and ran out of battery half way through.. Ended up cutting a USB and making a charger on my breadboard ... Then the roms wouldn't download lol

    eclipse 3 running now
  4. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Well-Known Member

    Did you try just clearing all of your browser data?
    The market/play store has done that to me many times, exactly the same symptoms you note. Clearing data has always worked for me in that situation.
  5. nobreak1970

    nobreak1970 Well-Known Member

    Install an App called Download All Files.
    The stock browser will NOT download zip files.
    If you are trying to d/l a rom...that's the problem. They are Zip files.
    Hope this helps.

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