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After bad experience with HTC Inc, should I move to IPhone4 or give HTC Inc2 a shot?.General

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  1. tmaxx

    tmaxx Member

    My Verizon HTC Incredible is officially dead. I can't get to the screen to do a hard reset since the phone keeps resetting continuously. The phone is 1 year 2 weeks old. No warranty left, so I am stuck buying a new phone. This is the first phone I have owned that died. My previous phone was a Motorola Q and it lasted for three years with no issues. My experience with the HTC Incredible has left a bad taste in my mouth!
    So I've got a couple choices it seems for a new phone. The IPhone4, HTC Incredible 2 or Droid X. I have absolutely no experience with IPhones. I have an IPOD nano which has worked fine. Anyway, I am looking for some feedback on the pros and cons of either of these phones. Am I being unreasonable ditching the android phone altogether? I actually loved the HTC Incredible when it was working. I liked all the apps on the android market. I liked the GPS feature using google maps. What I didn't like was the poor battery life. I had to have a charger at home, my car and at my work desk. I was just about to upgrade to a bigger battery when my phone died. And of course what I hate is that it lasted shortly over a year.
    I am going to have to buy another phone in the next few days. My wife is up for a phone renewal so I'll probably use her upgrade to get a new phone. I'll seriously consider getting an extended warranty as well to cover the phone up to two years [​IMG]
    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. _mw_

    _mw_ Well-Known Member

    Is the fact that it died two years earlier than your other phone leaving the bad taste, or did something else? I know some owners on either side of the manufacturers fence that would love to have a phone last an entire year.

    In defense of the Incredible, it's not one of the most popular phones at its age for no reason. If you consider the specs, it lived up to its name quite well on release, and it can still run circles around everything short of a dual core. Perfect size screen for lots of us (bigger than the iPhone but smaller than todays beasts), with an excellent resolution. Most phones the same age aren't even mentioned anymore let alone could boast the developer backing the Incredible has.

    I can't speak for the Incredible 2 or the iPhone very personally. We have a very very jaded Inc2 user here on the forum who wants his Inc1 back very much. The jury is still out though whether he's actually got a case or if he's just jealous to be the only one forcibly upgraded to the #2 club. :D

    My wife's immediate family are actually Palm Pre owners. My immediate family are all iPhone users. They're extremely happy with their phones, and I have never tried to talk them into getting an Android because they are 'use what works' types.

    Drop by your carriers outlet or a Best Buy. Take the latter two for a test drive. Choose what works!
  3. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    Apple is not exempt from the laws of physics and economics. That means that you have absolutely no guarantee that you will get an iPhone that will not also fail like your Inc.
  4. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Well-Known Member

    I just want weigh in for a minute. I got the moto droid on release day, then the inc around last july...i hacked both phones to hell and loved playing with them...i finally saw the iPhone come out on vzw and having just gotten a new macbook air (and loved it) I decided i wanted to try the iphone...first few days i hated getting used to it...now...I'll never look back...ever again. I love technology, i love android but I have found the best phone on the market to be the iPhone. It all is personal preference though. So like these guys are saying...go try out different phones at Best Buy. You may want to consider getting a cheap replacement and waiting until mid october to see a slew of new devices...especially an iPhone 5 or a Nexus Prime! Haha but seriously I am not trolling...I LOVED the incredible and I just happen to love the iPhone a little more.
  5. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    I still have my Inc1 and use it as a GrooveIP phone. And I now have the Inc2 as my phone. The Inc2 battery lasts much longer and the phone feels better in your hand. It also seems less plasticy. The screen on the Inc1 is gorgeous, but the Inc2 display is very good and easier to see in sunlight.

    My wife has the iPhone4. Its battery lasts a long time. But there is so much that you can't do with it - if you have become skilled with your Inc1, then you will come up against these roadblocks with the iPhone. Starting with no speed dials can be set up.
  6. AndyBones

    AndyBones Well-Known Member

    well I have an Inc2, and as my backup an iphone4 ;), so I can tell you my experience. The iphone4 is built great, high quality metal solid phone all around, BUT, batterys on these smart phones go fast and you need an iphone charger to charge your phone, now with the HTC inc2, its the same charger as inc1 and they are everywhere, blackberry users have them so if u need a charge its more likely to find one with the inc2. now the iphone4 is good is you want a phone that is for say, someone like my father who has no knowledge want or need to mess with the phone, just wants it to work and wants it to be easy. the inc2 rooted is a dream machine. I flash a new ROM everyday testing for myself and my friend. MY biggest thing is this, if your inc2 has an issue within the first year, call HTC and get refurb if u need. iphone4, u need to take it to apple, OR get ONE free call after that its $25 if I remember correct. HTC inc2, all the way. or buy an inc2 second hand and save the upgrade for a newer dualcore 4g phone. im waiting for one thats smaller than 4.3'
  7. tmaxx

    tmaxx Member

    I went to another Verizon store today and asked them to put a new battery in my phone to see if that helped any. They first tried a master reset but couldn't get the phone to boot. It kept rebooting continuously. They put in a new battery and it boot up just fine. I told them I didn't want to buy their battery. I am thinking about the Seidio Innocell 3500 mAh. Is this a good choice?
  8. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    seido's get very mixed reviews and have been shown to falsely advertise their battery strength.... but some people love them...
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  9. quest7

    quest7 Well-Known Member

    Glad it worked out for you. I'm still happy with my Dinc(lol). I also, thought about a iPhone for my upgrade. I watch a video of one and notice things my Dinc does, that I've gotten use too (downloading music ota,SD card, custom themes, etc.). I think I'm a Phandroid.
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  10. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    Look around. I think the 3500 is under $20 in some places.
  11. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

  12. Jman42028

    Jman42028 Well-Known Member

    I dunno, I work with the phones all day every day and I couldn't disagree more about the iphone. I think its horrible honestly. I'm not a blind follower of android, or an apple hater, but working with the phones, and owning an inc2, I don't even think there is a valid comparison. That iphone is over a year old at this point, its slow compared to any of the newer phones. I could go on and on but I wont bore you. Best bet is to go into a store and mess with em. Just don't fall prey to apples marketing tactics.

    A survey was conducted recently, it was something like 70% of iphone 4 users thought there phone was 4g....

    Just saying..

  13. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    I've been MORE than happry with the HTC 2150 w/ case from htcpedia...
  14. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    I am incorrect. It WAS around $25 but no longer.
  15. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    That blows, would love to get that and nice case. I like the case I got now but there isn't much going on with it
  16. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    since I rooted, I haven't needed extended battery. I have otterbox on my phone and while it isn't perfect, my phone is protected from owner clumsiness.
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  17. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Well-Known Member

    Iphone - For people that need their hands held.

    Android - For people who like to do whatever they want with their phone and like to customize.

    To me, it's that simple. And I've had an Inc for a year and not one problem. Like others have said, you try the different phones available and go with what you like. It's not rocket science.
  18. Droid.Incredible

    Droid.Incredible Well-Known Member

    Wait for the HTC Vigor or Nexus Prime. :)
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  19. kymatt

    kymatt New Member

    To the OP - my phone was stuck in a constant boot-up loop this morning. For previous few days, I've also had tons of random force closes (for many different processes.) I've done factory resets 10+ time, using factory reset function and through the "HBOOT" screen.
    Did you also experience these issues? I love my phone but it's out of warranty. If it could be something as simple as a battery it would be worth the money, but otherwise I may have to consider other options....
  20. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    I'd seriously doubt that it's the battery. I'm assuming you're unrooted and running 2.2? Then you can try reflashing to stock 2.2. If you had the update you can try the 2.3 ruu.
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  21. kymatt

    kymatt New Member

    Thanks Euph_22.
    I'm actually on 2.3.4, and unrooted.
    How would I try the 2.3 RUU? (I did search and couldn't find anything.)
  22. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member


    Download that file, rename it PB31IMG.zip, stick in on the root of your sd card (on the sd card but not in any folder). Reboot the phone while holding volume down, and do what it tells you. And leave it alone till it boots back up fully.

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