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  1. JimmyTheSaint

    JimmyTheSaint Well-Known Member

    Now that I'm using the Galaxy Note, I just don't see any use for my Transformer anymore. I have the keyboard dock, but even the extended battery time is irrelevant because I simply carry an extra one of those tiny Galaxy Note batteries. And the Note's screen is better, with better resolution. If I want to lug a keyboard around, I just use Apple's bluetooth keyboard, which makes for a better package than the TF. I have the 3G Transformer, but obviously the Note is going to be far better for phone and messaging. Sigh--the TF was obsoleted so fast, at least in terms of the way I do computing. I must say, the true tablet form factor just doesn't suit me at all, so I think the pocketable Note is as big as I'm ever going to go without switching to a laptop. I'll hang onto it for a while to see if I ever think of a use that better suits the TF, but inevitably I'm to give this hardware away to some friend or needy student, just like I did with my original iPad.

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  2. lopez33

    lopez33 Active Member

    if you don't need it any more are you looking to sell it?
  3. JimmyTheSaint

    JimmyTheSaint Well-Known Member

    Sure, and I'm happy to give a good cash-and-carry price. The catch is: buyer must come to Taiwan to pick it up.

    I'll probably end up letting it sit a few more months, and then give it to a friend or some poor student if I simply never use it. I mean, I want to like it, but the full-sized tablet just doesn't suit my work flow, regardless of the improvements coming up on the horizon.
  4. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    its all down to users preference and circumstances.

    If some one needs a device thats portable and find that the 5" on the Note suffices in web browsing, watching movies and doing work related stuff and the such, then I cant argue with that.

    I on the other hand needed to replace my atom netbook which was on the verge of death, and the AEPT did just that awesomely.

    what i needed from a netbook replacement was

    1) 10" screen at least
    2) web browse
    3) long battery life
    4) watch movies
    5) create and edit documents
    6) play the odd casual game
    7) access my external usb drives
    8) print - use the e-print on HP printers

    there is no chance that any mobile phone/tablet out there can last the 16 hour flight I had back to asia without a recharge, that in itself was a god send.

    the keyboard, nothing at the moment can replace the feel and speed of a physical keyboard esp when your attempting to compose a massive email and that v-keyboard takes up 1/2 of the screen real-estate.

    The AEPT been pretty much perfect for me and my needs and does pretty much everything I want and need from it, times there have been a few bugs aka the battery dock issue, the default browser issue etc but the AEPT has been legendary and im sure it's going to last me for a few years yet - with the help of the XDAs of course :)
  5. JimmyTheSaint

    JimmyTheSaint Well-Known Member

    Right, it comes down to how the user actually plans to use the device. But there's my issue: from everything you say, there's no reason to prefer the TF (or any other current tablet) over the G-Note--except to have a larger physical size for the same resolution on a lower quality screen. As I said:

    you can extend the battery as much as you like by carrying extras of those tiny 1oz. phone-style batteries
    full size bluetooth keyboards work beautifully, for example Apple's bluetooth keyboard has a great, full-size feel to it.
    external drives and devices via OTG cable
    create documents
    basically, all the other functions you listed

    I guess you don't have experience with Samsung's devices and weren't able to weigh your opinion against the info in my post?

    The only dealbreaker I see is if you truly need a full 10" for eyesight reasons, but even then, the G-Note's 1280x800 and has a better quality screen than the TF. And there's a big sacrifice in mobility: you can't whip out your 10" on the subway or hold it in your hand when giving a talk. Plus you're adding two pounds of unpocketable weight compared to the G-Note package.

    And most importantly, forget any telephony with the TF or other 10" tablets, even with my 3G TF. So if you carry a tablet, then you're still carrying your G-Note for telephony and replicating all functions of the tablet anyways.

    So what I'm saying is that once I bought my G-Note, my TF, which I use in the ways listed, got obsoleted. My only regret is that I'm not in the U.S. so it's actually better for me to give it away than to sell on eBay. That's why I'm hoping I can think of some use for the TF that makes it worth hanging on to, aside from a larger screen that's the same resolution and lesser quality.
  6. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    nope, played with pretty every major sammy phone since that aweful 1st attempt with that original galaxy, galaxy s, tab, ace, s2 and tab 10. personally ive been a HTC boy ever since the spv c500 with 1 blip that was the nokia n95 8gb, so used alot of phones and recently a few tablets (nearly got a Advent Vega i was about to root) in between to get me to the point of buying a TF.

    as you mentioned, everyone has their preferences and your arguments are absolutely sound and is the right one for you in that circumstance.

    with the TF ive started to realise that now all i want my phone to be is more of a phone and let the TF be that netbook replacement ive always wanted. now ive tried the Sammy note when browsing a web page as an example, but you still occasionally have webpages that dont render fully and you still have to zoom into correctly press on that option on that page you needed. after the TF i really feel using my HTC DHDis a poor mans choice. granted on the move, it does the trick, but when your at home on the sofa and just wnt to browse sites, watch a lil youtube, an episode of family guy? TF vs 4.3" of my DHD? i know whch one id choose.

    i can see where your coming from with the accessories to the Note and completly valid ones. spare batt, blue tooth keyboard etc but with the TF you dont have to think about it, its all in one package that you carry in your man bag. no need to remember that spare battery cos thats the dock, the bluetooth keyboard? the TF has it in 1 nice lil netbook package and again, its not having to remember to carry another part with you and you cant exactly whip out the note and bluetooth keyboard on your lap and carry out tasks comfortably on the train....can you? (kudos if you can!). What im getting at is the note and TF deliver the ame functionality, but the TF has the better overall egronomics on the move and in the office which is what i use it alot for now....

    I think everyone uses technology to suit their needs and preferences, youve now found your bit and ive found mine, and the others will have found theirs. personally the 5" in the pocket is a lil too much, and once you attempt to add case to it? yikes. but i dont disagree that the note is a fab device, it hits that middle market in which suits you to the brim and i gues im just defending the lil TF since you are on a TF thread.

    i just hope you can find a new home for your TF, its just unfortunate youve found a better solution to your needs tham the TF can deliver which is a shame. i personally Asus missed a trick with not making the darn dock a bluetooth keyboard too so i could hook the TF tablet to the tv via hdmi, and sit on my sofa browsing the web/playing games/watch downloaded content in comfort...
  7. JimmyTheSaint

    JimmyTheSaint Well-Known Member

    Thanks for relating the experience. I'm just looking hard for reasons to keep the TF because I don't want to regret parting with it. And I don't want to store it long term because that's such a waste and because the non-removable batteries have to be maintained, even if minimally. Far better to make some poor friend happy with a gift.

    I'm definitely in the camp that very much doesn't want to carry two devices, so unless somebody's brand of full-size tablet is completely irresistible, I'm probably never going to go that way as long as pockatable phablets like the Note are being manufactured. I hope it's popular enough to keep companies producing the form factor.

    The other thing that I just sell myself on (and don't understand why more people don't have a problem with it) is that there's simply no comfortable position to use a full-size tablet. And unless you're literally on the couch, or need to hand a device back and forth to another person, I find it much better and quite convenient to have real computers around the living area. I frequently need to walk around with a tablet (as a paper substitute), and a 1lb+ tab just doesn't work after 30-60 minutes or more. Just too fatiguing, whereas the Note can be slipped into and out of a pocket on the go. And I've tried those swivel stands that you can attach to your hand. They're nice, but don't really relieve the weight issue over the long haul. And you just can't beat being able to quickly pocket the Note and have both hands free in about 1/2 second.

    Also, whether on the couch or flat on a tabletop, look at all those people hunched over their tabs, hunching even worse than they would over a book or magazine. Tablets force you to take on really bad posture, bad for the neck, etc. and will cause people muscle problems that they won't know enough to associate with tablet use, but orothopedists and chiropractors will tell them differently. The TF (or any tablet with a good stand) will relieve that problem, but if you always use your tablet upright, you might as well get a laptop. Ask any tablet user to stand up straight, then look at them from the side: their heads jut way out forward, which is asking for a world of problems (center of ear lines up with center of shoulder on people with good posture). Of course, most laptop users have the same problem, but with the tablet form factor, there's no possible adjusting for it. With a one-handable phablet like the note, you can easily adjust posture as needed rather than lock into a bad one. No, I need some killer feature/function that a tablet has that a phablet can't have, and I just don't see such a feature on the horizon. Size alone has no attraction for me. Maybe those 2000x1600 (or whatever) tablets we're hearing about will be worth a go because that much screen real estate is only feasible with a full tablet.
  8. alttafv

    alttafv Member


    I just moved over from the Nokia E72 to Galaxy Note and i would like to know some simple questions confusing me since last 2months i bought this Note.
    1. U said battery lasts for 10hrs and what i found is it lasts for only 3 or max 4hrs even i kill all background applications using NQ Antivirus inbuilt system optimizer.
    2. My note is not rooted so advice me if i have to root it for better performance and kill some inbuilt background applications (Yahoo finance, AllShare, AP Mobile news, Buddies now, Crayon Physics, S Memo, FM Radio, Gmail, Google search, Samsung Account, Samsung Apps, SNS AccountLi, SNS AccountTw, Social Hub, Youtube etc) which im not using?
    3. What is best way to use it? If you help me bro i will be thankful 2 u for a long....
    Thanks in advance:):):)
    BTW MY kernel version is LA5
  9. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Padfone. Keep your keyboard, it will be compatible.

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