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  1. KettleKorn304

    KettleKorn304 New Member

    I just updated my phone yesterday and ever since my battery widget seems to not be working. Most of the time it just stays at 100% or if it goes down to 90 or 80 later on shows 100 again. Has anyone else had this problem or knows what i might be able to do to fix this and yes i have restarted my phone.

  2. rthomas10

    rthomas10 Active Member

    Noticed this too. Sorry no fix but it is annoying.
  3. needsmorenails

    needsmorenails New Member

    Updated to GB yesterday. White background is unwelcome, but other than that, looks pretty sharp.

    One big FAIL, though, call history does not show call time, date, or duration. Just a useless countup timer showing how long ago a call was made. For a supposed smart phone angled towards business users, this is a dumb mistake. Call history should be visible at a glance, with details in list format, without having to load an app or press the contact 3 times to get the call details. This was a feature of 2.2. Why they raped it blind bewilders me.

    All my widgets and apps seem to be working as they did with 2.2, so no issues there, yet.
  4. evilbastard

    evilbastard Well-Known Member

    I am using Go Dialer and it shows the date and time of when the call was made. It's a free download, and since I am using all the other Go Add Ons it was an easy choice.
  5. M.Alonzo

    M.Alonzo New Member

    So, after the gingerbread uptake took hold of my phone, and I absolutely love it! Yet, for some reason the only thing that doesn't work is the fingerprint scanner. I am starting to believe that my phone is too good for my fingers now. Anyone else have this issue?
    I thought that this was one of the several 'slick-like-that' features of the phone, and now it doesn't recognize any fingers.
    So, as for that, I keep giving it the middle finger!


    As for the KettleKorn problem, I have no idea. I had dumb problems like yours, so I backed up my data and did a factory reset. That cured everything (except the aforementioned scanner). Try it, you can re-download everything super-quick, and just re-log in to all your accounts. I found it really cleaned things up.
  6. joefrogcool

    joefrogcool New Member

    After my update my gallery is not the look they show it is supposed to be. I no longer have my photos in separate folders. They are all in one. I can't figure out where the folder is in the files to move any folders to it. I now have to use another picture program to view my pictures

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