after loading hboot 0.92 lost my wifi?

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  1. rkhouse

    rkhouse Member

    I had 0.77, and upgraded as required. but now my wifi isn't working. will this work again after the new virtuous rom gets installed or do I need to try to downgrade back to 0.77?

  2. rkhouse

    rkhouse Member

    ok, it is working again with new rom installed.
  3. chasmccl

    chasmccl New Member


    I mistakenly updated the ROM without installing hboot 0.92, How can I break the loop?

    Charlie McClain, PhD, JD
  4. incred99

    incred99 Well-Known Member

    Already answered your question in your other thread.
    Best to keep the same question in only 1 thread.
  5. simshaun

    simshaun Member

    Lost my Wifi as well after upgrading to hboot 0.92 while still running Virtuous 3.1.
    Upgrading to Virtuous 3.2 fixed it.
  6. anicotra

    anicotra Well-Known Member

    Same thing happened to me. Wish I downloaded the rom before flashing the boot.
  7. achernow

    achernow Member

    Yeah.... Having issues trying to get the ROM to d/l over 3G. At least my phone went into 3G....earlier it was stuck on 1X.
  8. simshaun

    simshaun Member

    I was having this issue for a long time where it would randomly lose 3G in areas that I had full bars of 3G before. Turns out it had something to do with having updated the PRT lists after rooting. I followed a "fix" process mentioned in I think the XDA forums, and have not had the issue ever since.
  9. epox123

    epox123 New Member

    Try the Fix Permission in Rom Manager

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