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  1. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    So I know this forum is on its way down as many people have moved on to new phones and such, but this is more of an Android question.

    Now that we have all had about a year or two with Android and have tested thousands of apps/ widgets/ home replacements etc. what are your absolute MUST HAVES? Things that you use on a daily basis... (rooted or not, wtvr)

    For me, I am rooted with CM7.1 and although I used to use LauncherPro+ they rarely updated so now I use Go Launcher and am quite satisfied.

    Widgets - Beautiful Widgets (Smaller Home) and Pure Calendar Widget have been on my phone since forever and considering I only have 3 screens I think they are kind of important.

    Folder Organizer is a must for anyone who doesn't want the iPhone feel of having all your home screens covered in apps.

    Apps - Astro, DW Dialer (best replacement dialer I have found), Handcent, Pulse (RSS), Read It Later, Titanium Backup, Miren Browser are crucial for me

    Games - Air Control, Backgammon, Chess, Burn the Rope, Cut the Rope, Hexxagon

    While there is a lot more on my phone, these are my "Best Of" based on how often I use them.

    I am always looking to change and add to my phone, its why after a year and a half my phone still feels new to me.

    So please comment and post your MUST HAVEs...


  2. Holydoc

    Holydoc Well-Known Member

    My top apps are:

    ACar - Keeps all records pertaining to my car
    GasBuddy - Tells me where the cheapest gas is
    Timeriffic - sets my phone state according to time of day
    GroceryIQ - My grocery list with the ability to share with my wife's android
    One Night Stand - Bedside Clock
    GoodMorning - Alarm that talks with weather and appts for the day
    Handcent - messaging
    Appbrain & Amazon App Store - no explaination necessary

    Others that I use alot:
    Apps Organizer - place apps in folders
    Pandora - Music
    Calorie Counter - Tracks caloric intake
    My Tracks - maps out back rides and distance, speed
    Key Ring - Keeps all my grocery discount cards on my phone and out of my wallet
    Tripit - Organizes my business trips in one convenient spot

    Also lots of forum apps:
    Phandroid - Read these forums
    Morningstar & DBSTalk - Same reasons.
  3. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Well-Known Member

    ESPN Scorecenter
    Yahoo Fantasy Football
    Go Launcher
    Go SMS
  4. NovaCove

    NovaCove Active Member

    top apps:
    tune in radio
    our grocerys
    series guide
    tv listings for android(since tv guide quit working)
    gas buddy

    frequent apps:
    amazon appstore

    trying out:
  5. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    Our groceries
    TV Show Favs
    Tunein Radio
    Sling Player
    My tracks
    Tweet deck
    Google voice
  6. brian_d

    brian_d Member

    My top apps:
    Mspot Music - all your mp3's clouded
    Overdrive media console - books free from the local library - Amazon & B&N digital books cost WAY TOO MUCH!
    Amazon appstore
    Swiftkey X - Finally a keyboard that dosen't make me want to throw my phone!
    Word mix & Word Wrench
    World War
    100 pushups - Exercise - in my 2nd week & have almost trippled the # of pushups I can do

    City ID... J/K
  7. txrxio

    txrxio Well-Known Member

    K9 for email
    Folder Organiser
    Google Maps/Mapdroid/Gaia GPS
    Universal Remote

    For prettying up my phone:
    Desktop Visualizer
    Minimalist Text
    Simple Text Icons
  8. rosie314

    rosie314 Active Member

    I'm going to skip some of the ones already posted....

    Friendcaster - facebook app, you can *zip* (hide) entries based on key word or person. I think that is the main thing that sets it apart from other FB apps

    Gesture Search - search your phone by drawing gestures. I use it when I'm too lazy to scroll thru the app drawer. But it can be used to search for anything on your phone (including contacts)

    Gesture Search Bar - used with Gesture Search so that a long press on the search button brings up gesture search

    Hurricane Hound - I live near the Gulf of Mexico so I like to keep an eye on the location of the nearest hurricanes

    Sign - It's a speed dial app based on unique gestures/swipes that are set up by you

    SlideIt Keyboard - you slide your finger across the keyboard to enter text

    Timeriffic - control mute, vibrate, wifi & airplane mode based on times you've set up (not as powerful as tasker but easy for me to use)

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