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  1. HTCDS

    HTCDS New Member

    Hello everyone I would like to seek for help with my HTC Desire S

    So a few days ago I updated my HTC Desire S softwear from Eclair (2.1~) to ICS (4.0~) now my phone is faulty and everything :(

    When I plug the phone to my laptop, the laptop doesn't recognise the phone at all now, although the laptop made a noise as if I was able to mount the SD card. There is no icon coming up on the top bar of the phone but the light on the phone came on like it was charging.

    I tried removing SD card, SIM, and battery and left them out for a few minutes, that didn't work. So I did a bit of research and people said to go to settings > connect to PC but when I clicked on Connect to PC on my phone, it said unfortunately, settings has stopped.. So basically I can't do anything with this. I think it because of the new update i installed so i figured, what if i restore the old back up, then i realised i didn't back up before i installed new update :( then i thought i'll just install another update over this update but then i can't connect my phone to my laptop so i cant get the update zip file from my computer ;/

    What should I do :(

    Please help.

  2. HTCDS

    HTCDS New Member

    Never mind, I fixed it.

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