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  1. mf91

    mf91 Member

    I updated to ICS around August or first my phone worked awesome...after about 2 weeks it started slowing down immensly...text messages are horribly slow. When i open my messages it says refreshing for around 1 minute, then i open my new message and I cant type for around one minute..if i type while it is froze it lags and then all the words i typed are jumbled up...that is another minute of freezing just to erase. When i have a passcode on the phone I hit the area to type and it is so slow i always end up hitting emergency call...when I add music it erases my playlist. It does that no matter how I add music, through files or pantech suite. I did a factory reset and it worked fine for about 2 days and then started the lagging all over again...any suggestions before I just buy a new phone. I would actually like this phone if it would work properly and would rather fix it than spend $400 on a new phone.
    pleaseeeeeeee out of options and dont know what to do:confused:

  2. droopies

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    Do you have the play market allow auto updates? If you have a bunch of apps loaded and the phone's been asleep for a while, it seems like sometimes it wakes up and wants to check every app for an update. I turned that off and it helped a lot...on my Burst and even the cheap 7" tablet I got. It was so laggy it wasn't worth using and turning off the auto update pretty much fixed it. Also, I am on straight talk so I loaded Titanium backup and removed all the AT&T crap apps and replaced the AT&T contact and dialer apps too. I used Go Dialer and Go Contacts...that helped a lot too since the AT&T contact app has a bunch of crap in it too. I use Taskiller to check to see what's going on and kill useless running tasks.

    My phone works great. I reboot it maybe once every two weeks because it will eventually act crazy. I am very very happy with mine!
  3. mf91

    mf91 Member

    Thanks for the reply :)
    I have always had auto updates disabled because of my data plan. I will check the Titanium backup I have never heard of that. I use my task killer every time I check my phone. As far as rebooting, it reboots itself randomly. I found a new problem today also, it didnt want to charge or stay charged.
  4. droopies

    droopies Well-Known Member

    You have to be careful of what you kill or uninstall. In Titanium backup there is an option to freeze an app. That's what I did with all the ATT apps at first, to make sure the phone will work without them. That made a HUGE difference as well as getting rid of the ATT phone contacts and dialing apps. I also replaced the launcher with ADW Launcher...that seemed to help a lot too. Of course, just the other day after I posted how wonderful my phone is, it wonked all up. I had to reboot it going to and coming from work to get bluetooth to synch with my truck. Ever since that day it has worked fine. I will never say my phone is working fine again! lol
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