after youtube update my htc flyer dont play videos anymore everywhereSupport

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  1. judgezub15

    judgezub15 New Member

    i need help with my flyer its started to give me trouble after i downloaded the latest youtube update it simply wont play any video on the built in app and online anywhere so i uninstalled the update, again same problem dont have a clue what it is i checked online for a solution but couldnt find anything please need help :-(

  2. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear you are having problems. I'm.pretty sure I have the latest YouTube app given there is no update for it when I just checked, ant it works fine.

    All I could suggest is go to settings, applications and YouTube app. Clear the data and cache, restart the Flyer and try again.

    This seems to clear out most app bugs for me, its worth a try.
  3. judgezub15

    judgezub15 New Member

    nope sorry i did clear data etc but never helped it kind of freezes just before it starts playing.. im in the UK i dont know if that makes a difference but there is a youtube update available here and due to having it on auto update it updated and youtube had a different face on lol but with updating it.. it spoilt my youtube app im upset dont know how to solve this

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