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Aftermath of Android 4.0 manual update on an HTC Desire SSupport

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  1. danieljnolan

    danieljnolan New Member

    Just finished updating from the HTC Dev website and everything went smoothly besides a problem with the SD card.
    The phone is basically back to factory; with a Google sync restoring contacts etc. but with apps removed, original wallpaper, keyboard (I've actually purchased Swiftkey 3) etc.
    Nothing major but just slightly annoying re-installing everything when a quick check shows much of the content not being shown is still on the SD card.
    Tried unmounting and re-mounting but it's just the same.
    Hope you guys can be of some help.

  2. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    hello daniel i moved this thread to the "HTC desire S" section so you can get further assistance :)
    thanks for understanding :)
  3. ArchCarrier

    ArchCarrier New Member

    The ICS update does say that in effect it will carry out a factory reset and wipe all content from the phone (SD card excluded). You have no option, but to reinstall all your apps, and that shouldn't take too long.


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