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Age of Empires

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  1. JohnDoeJD

    JohnDoeJD Member

    Does anyone know if there are anygames out there that are like Age of Empires?! I have the settlers and I really like it but the game is too short.. It seems like when I get things going and have good resources coming in it says I won and I have to restart. I know there are other threads like this but they suggest Pocket Empires which I don't like because it's online, I'd rather play a single player game (So I don't get charged for crazy amount of data usage). So any suggestion would be appreciated.

  2. Serdna117

    Serdna117 Active Member

    I hear castle warriors is a 3d rts, but I don't know too much about it since they STILL haven't made it compatible with the Epic 4g.
  3. ogrenator

    ogrenator Well-Known Member

    castle warriors is good but its nothing like age of empires....i havent found anything like age on android yet...not anything worth putting time in to anyways

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