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  1. zen200

    zen200 Member

    Hi all,

    I saw the new rubbish iphone 4s event last note and although the phone is now better than my galaxy s2, i was interested in the "SIRI" personal assistant.

    I have not used one before, but would be interested if anyone can tell me the names of some similar apps for android. and any that are as good as "SIRI"

    Thanks in advance.

  2. jmonahan

    jmonahan Active Member

    Bump; I am wondering how long untill someone gets something similar.
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Not sure if any existed for Android, as Apple actually copied the idea from Windows Phone 7 .5 and built on it.
  4. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    There are a few, but they are not mature apps.
    Rather than be truly integrated into the phone they are standalone apps.
    Frequently do not understand what is said to them, et cetera.
  5. Not unlike Google's speech recognition. Sometimes it's amazingly fast and accurate, understands whole sentences faultlessly, even understands languages other than English, and difficult, even brandnew, words. And sometimes it doesn't understand the simplest things. Very flakey. Very frustrating. And unreliable.
  6. DanDroide

    DanDroide Well-Known Member

    No Suri envy with this:

    I chose "VOICE ACTIONS"! I loaded it and it's very cool. I went a step further and improved my Droid Bionic's voice it uses (and Navigation uses) to: "Ivona Text-to-Speech HQ" -Free on the Android Market. ...Now it's very smooth talking!

    It freaks out, amazes & entertains people when I demonstrate what it can do.

    EDIT: This is a "Conversational Bot", whereas it interprets what you meant rather than you having to memorize exact commands. Thus appearing more "AI" like.
  7. droidxsrt

    droidxsrt New Member

    Just downloaded an app called Vlingo on the market. It seems to work pretty well in the few minutes I've messed with it.
  8. glorifiedsins

    glorifiedsins Well-Known Member

    Has anyone used multiple different ones and has a good consensus on this topic?
  9. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    I have.
    Used Edwin, Vlingo, and Voice Actions. Voice Actions is the best!
    Use it with SVOX and the UK voice add on (you have to pay for it) and it rocks.

    It's not quite as smart as Siri, but damn close. Much better than vlingo.
    Vlingo = pretty
    Voice Action = functional :)
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  10. glorifiedsins

    glorifiedsins Well-Known Member

    Aww pay? But I am le cheap
  11. strinat

    strinat New Member

    I'd have to take the opposite stance of RoboMonkey. I've used Vlingo and Voice Actions, and I'd say that Vlingo is much smoother performance. I am torn, though.

    Voice Actions allows you to do much more than Vlingo can, but it's really buggy. "Jeannie" (that's her name) takes a long time to compute your commands and often misunderstands simple things. Example: the cue for her to quit but remain active in the back ground is "Go to sleep", but she often hears "Goto sleep" and responds "Tell me more about that" or something like that. I'm not uninstalling it, though, because it's got huge potential with a few updates.

    In the mean time, however, I'd say Vlingo is much more functional. Though not as advanced as Voice Actions or Siri, it still allows you to do pretty much what you'd expect and is a step up from the native Voice Search. It also as a Siri-like beta called InCar which is pretty neat. Aside from being slightly more restricted in it's action capabilities, the only real difference is that you can't carry a conversation with Vlingo.

    Hope that helps.

    Also, Vlingo is free. Voice Actions has a free version and a $2.99 version.
  12. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    Almost everyone I have talked to about this has the same opinion as me: Please do not use this in public! It is annoying and disturbing to others that don't want to hear about the weather tomorrow while they are trying to eat dinner, shop for a gift, workout, etc. etc. I can understanding using it for a job or in private but in public it is noise pollution.
  13. beallpatrick

    beallpatrick Well-Known Member

    Voice Actions is fun to tinker with at the very least, but Jeannie is kind of dense. She'll memorize who relatives are, but if you tell her, "My father is John" and then ask, "Who's my dad?" She'll tell you haven't told her yet.

    You can also rename her and make her call you "Master" (or whatever piques your ego).

    She thinks Obama is the "best US president" but thinks the Best Western President Hotel in Auckland is the "best president".

    Ask her age? She been "connected to the net since the Big Bang?"--or if you ask her in Spanish she's over 9000.

    She can tell you the current time wherever you are, but reports the time in other places as individual numerals representing date and time. "In Japan it is 1-0-2-0-2-0-1-1 1-6-4-5-3-2"

    According to Jeannie, the first emperor of Japan was "Dr. Wallace", and when she told me George Washington was the first US president she showed me the portrait of a portly man in a tophat.

    And for all the perves, she won't "take off" her clothes because she's not allowed. Why? Because "I am not an airplane"

    On an actual practical aspect--she doesn't play nice with the new Music app from ICS. She'll enter whatever you tell her to play into search, but won't actually play anything.
  14. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Pannous claims the $2.99 version is more responsive than the free version. Haven't done that as I'm a cheapskate, but if lag is your gripe, that may be the fix. The service goes out and pings servers when you speak so they may prioritize pay customers. I do think it's better than the others out there when it does work. It's definitely far from perfect though.
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  15. maccboy

    maccboy Member

  16. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    Voice Actions is my fav also have Speaktoit. The Voice Action seem to be pro active about making it into a good App so in time I am sure it will become better than siri
  17. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Have it tell you a story. Very entertaining when you're on the can.
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  18. strinat

    strinat New Member

    I actually cracked and bought the full version. I honestly did not notice a difference.
  19. DavidEccles

    DavidEccles Member

  20. ibyellow

    ibyellow Member

    Sorry to drag up an old post but i wondered if things had improved with the voice control/commands now?

    I'm still trying to find one that can control the music player on the phone or even that can "click" the ok button or cancel button when you get a pop up :s
  21. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Nothing seems to be improving on this front. Speaktoit and Jeannie seem to be the best, but neither are very reliable at "Listen to...Hey Jude...." or "Turn on Jango". Sometimes they do OK, sometimes they bring up a browser... hopefully they'll improve.
  22. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    The default voice stuff in ICS has improved a lot. Not sure if it's better than the above apps, but it's great for "note to self...." and "set alarm for..."
  23. ibyellow

    ibyellow Member

    Yeah thats what i've been finding that it'll bring up either the music play list but not play or start a search in google :s
    Hope ICS will be an improvement as even my old nokia navigator could do "read last message" and "close app". I know it'll happen but suprised its not already been done well lol.
  24. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

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