AI versus human intelligence

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  1. vladrew

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  2. KJohns

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    they havent found the right human yet >.<
  3. 350X

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    I fear good AI was lost long ago when bot play was removed from most big video games. [that or it got so good DOD said stop]

    There was a time I was very impressed with battle AI's, as we don't need AI to cook or tell a story, we need them for war.

    When 1 real man controls a lead bot, with a team of 30 AI bots.
  4. Speed Daemon

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    I wouldn't call what the Watson computer did AI. All it did was parse millions of good guesses that were selected and stored far in advance. Watson is underwhelming when you compare it to Google.

    IBM builds these single purpose "computers" from time to time as publicity stunts. They're novel, and impressive to some. But they are entertaining.
  5. vladrew

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    Well, as AI technology advances, we stop calling it "AI". Like character and speech recognition. Also, it didn't store guesses in its memory. It had stored encyclopedic data that was used to find the answers. And you have to admit, that speech recognition is pretty impressive.
  6. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    Good points all. As far as voice recognition goes though, when I consider that IBM has been doing voice recognition since the early days of the ECHELON project, I can't be that impressed. :p

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