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  1. Dvalin21

    Dvalin21 Well-Known Member

  2. invincible_dr

    invincible_dr Member

    where can i get this aigo pad? I know someone going to China this fall. I should ask them to help me get it. I think it's like $450 or less in some tech manufacturing cities like Shenzhen.
  3. Dvalin21

    Dvalin21 Well-Known Member

    I havent had the chance to look at this tab again, but ill get on it and see what I cab find for you
  4. Dvalin21

    Dvalin21 Well-Known Member

  5. Pridi16

    Pridi16 Member

    I live in Thailand and just bought a Aigo 8" tablet at a local Bangkok IT mall. The price was the equivalent of US $180. The tablet runs on Android 4.0 ICS and seems to work quite well. When I first used it I had difficulty downloading apps from GOOGLE PLAY but a firmware update solved the problem. No problems connecting to various networks, the battery lasts about 7 hours under normal use. It does sometimes lag when playing graphic intensive games but not too often. The display is no RETINA but is decent. So far, it's done everything it's supposed to do with no problems. Only time will tell whether it is well built enough for prolonged use. I will report back in a few months.
    One complaint I forgot to mention; the onscreen keyboard sucks big time. Very small keys with no space between so very easy to mistype. I am going to try to replace it if possible.
  6. Dvalin21

    Dvalin21 Well-Known Member

    @Prid, I appreciate the response. Something you might want to consider is go to and post a review. That site is well known for taking on China branded tablets. And alose post a review here.
  7. warevulf

    warevulf New Member

    could you please tell me which firmware did you use to get google play working and if possible the procedure as well.

  8. yknaps2005

    yknaps2005 New Member

    Hi. I recently bought an aigo m80 plus in bangkok. Cost me 189.24 dollars. Bought the unit thinking it was cheap and handled 90% of what a galaxy tablet could do at a fraction of the price. Being a multimedia tool, sight and sound were two key media considerations that play major roles in my personal preference. However upon purchasing I only had the chance to check on its audio capacity after unboxing inside my hotel room. To my dismay it pretty much sounded like a can of sardines. Had the unit replaced and the same results ran consistent. Its predecessor the m80 sounded soo much better with a fuller (bass filled) sound and so did a much cheaper herotab. Not sure if there are plug ins to remedy the problem. At this point the m80 plus packs a lot of dissappointment with so much to look forward to in a multimedia tool offereing sight and sound as key considerations.
  9. luizaug

    luizaug New Member

    I am interested also on this firmware (to asccess google play) but does anybody has the original rom, I crashed my aigopad M80 and I do not have the recovery. thanks
  10. Mirnasim

    Mirnasim New Member

    hi guys, urgently need USB drivers for aigoPad PAD707. Does anyone have it or knows where I can download them from?

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