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Ainol Legend faulty screenSupport

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  1. mbratkis

    mbratkis New Member

    Hi all,

    just received my ainol legend tablet yesterday and when it was first turned on it didn't show any signs of life just lits up, when it boots up you can hear the buttons pressed, like unlocking the tablet, but the screen doesn't show any graphics, just sometimes changes color.
    When i contacted the seller he told me that it's a fault of firmware and promised me to send new firmware update today, but he doesn't answer my emails now.. So can it really be the fault of firmware or is the screen is faulty by itself as it seems more logic. Can't post the images yet since i'm a new user :| when i'll can i'll upload one.

    Thanks for any comments!

    thought of a way to add a link :)) dropbox.com/s/uafp3uhjt3wfghh/IMG_1201.JPG just add www in the front

  2. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member

    i aint got a legend but ill try to help
    a number of things can contribute to screen to go that way one being damaged during transport due to poor packaging.
    but firstly
    can u confirm that u recieved it in its original box, ainol lettering .ect? (otherwords being genuine?)

    check Here (chinese) or here (translated to english) has unboxing pics there.
    good luck;)
  3. mbratkis

    mbratkis New Member


    yes everything was like this except for the sticker with chinese specifications, the red one in the link :)
  4. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member

    i just found the original legend 1030 firmware in chinese of course:rolleyes:
    (there is a little bit of info there how to flash under "Note: before upgrade" but not too much, if youve flashed other ainol tablets should be straight forward hopefully.)

    for some reason google translate dont like the download link inside page
    so here's the download link (download inside to right of Novo705FC-D1-Legend-1030.rar a green arrow down labeled 下载 507.24M)

    (If theres a tutorial inside bet its chinese so best bet grab some text from it and google translate it)

    heres another link just for info and firmwares for the legend Here(translated)

    all the best ;)
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