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Ainol NOVO7 Legend - Error Livesuit Update Failed 0x162Support

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  1. Oery

    Oery New Member

    Hello everyone...

    try to update to jellybean use "futeko.com" stock rom firmware

    Livesuit error to progress after 3%
    failed 0x162
    Try Livesuit v1.07, v1.09 & v1.11
    Try on Windows7 and WindowsXP, still no progress

    what make worst, when I back to stock ICS rom
    tablet say that it has no INTERNAL storage !

    Please HELP.....


  2. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member

    Error 0x162 is a mismatch between the rom and tablet.

    Oery has already solved it
    read on here

    Oery u definitely got this post all over the web. glad u figured it out.:congrats:

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