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  1. shutterman

    shutterman Member

    Thank you all for all the great info and insight into this device. My path here has been the Samsung Nexus, HTC Incredible and the HTC Eris. So, I'm embarking on my 7th year on an Android device.

    I am enjoying the phone very much with all it's capabilities and features.

    I was wondering if anyone would know how to replace the built in e-mail app notification while in sleep mode - it's asleep, I wave my hand over the sensor and I get the time, missed phone calls, new email messages, battery life and current time. It seems to me, and I'm assuming, that the email app is tied into Samsung's app. I'm a gmail app fan and have noticed that I'll have e-mails in there, but the notification says 0. VZW, but I don't think they would block that feature.

    I have never rooted and don't plan to root the N3 either so that would be great. I have Nova Prime, but seem to recall that this happened with the stock also.

    Thank you advance.


  2. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

    Welcome to AF, shutterman.

    I am enjoying this phone too. :)

    I used that feature and I am pretty sure it did show up that I had an email in my gmail app. I do not have the stock email app set up to do anything though. Do you?
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  3. shutterman

    shutterman Member

    Thanks Dustwun:

    Maybe I'm confusing the Messenger app as the e-mail app - they look similar enough. I was hoping that I could get a count of emails there.

    Or maybe add that feature to the Glance window.

    But you are correct - the notification shows. It seems to read what's in the notification bar.

    Thanks again!
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  4. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide


    Yeah, they do! I just checked and it showed i had a notification, wanted to update some apps.

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