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    Hey, I'm new here. I've been having a problem with this game for a while now. If I make a in game purchases over time, it will never show up. I've contacted the dev three times and three times I've been refunded. But its $1 - $3, I'm not gong to die over little money. My last email to the dev, I demanded a respond with hope to solve the problem but was told that its not a common problem and if there is a bug, it will be fix asap. The email is below. I'm hoping someone else is having the same problem so it will get more notice. This game is not my life but I play it on my down time and I like games that take time to beat. That is why I favor this game. I've re installed and still not working.

    Hi Devin,

    First off, our most sincere apologies because of the issues you're suffering. None of our costumers deserve such a bad experience :-(

    Secondly, we recognize we're having several issues with in-app-purchases within Google Play, not such the case on the other platforms. Unfortunately we can't handle that. The only thing we can do is to refund affected costumers as quickly as possible, and let them try again later. Obviously, we can't manually refund until we are aware of the issue, this is when the customer contacts us directly (as it is the case of your mail).

    Ungracefully some users have reported that the issue persist after they try to purchase the item again, mainly when it comes to consumable items.

    Perhaps reinstalling the app may fix the problem, but that's your choice.

    I have already refunded you (third time!) and wish you have better luck next time!

    Truly sorry,

    Miguel Villar
    Managing Director
    Lemon Team

  2. thatguytruth

    thatguytruth New Member


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