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Airplane mode problem

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  1. trottl

    trottl New Member

    Hi i have HTC LEGEND, firmware version 2.1. And i have the problem that i cant turn off the Airplane mode, i untick it but it is just saying Turning off, and it takes so long that the phone resets, probably because there is no mobile connection. Also it doesnt find any mobile network providers. The phone worked OK for about 6 months, but then i was messing with it and i opend the cover for battery and put out and in sim car, from the the phone doesnt find mobile network provider. I sended it to my Mobile network provider and they said it works ok and didnt find any problems, when i got it home it worked for one day but when i turned it on other day it is the sam problem again, cant turn off Airplane mode. What can i do?


  2. trottl

    trottl New Member

    i formated the phone and now the signal is back again. But i have a new question, how can i upgrade my phone from 2.1 android to the latest version in the quickest and easiest way? but not from the phone, because i dont have internet connection on my phone.

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