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Airplane mode toggle didn't restore data

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  1. silverfang77

    silverfang77 Well-Known Member

    While out walking, I experienced a random loss of data connectivity where the signal bars turned white (as opposed to blue) and the 3G icon disappeared. I toggled Airplane Mode on and off twice with no results. I finally had to pull the battery to reconnect.

    Isn't toggling Airplane Mode supposed to restore dropped data connections every time?

  2. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    It's possible it was a network hicupp or a baseband software conflict that looped and resolved itself. Airplane mode has never been a sure-fire way for me to "come back from no signal" so I wouldn't hold too much credence to that method if I were you. If you find yourself constantly dropping a signal then it could potentially be either hardware issues or outdated tower lists.
  3. silverfang77

    silverfang77 Well-Known Member

    I just wish there were a way to tell one from the other concretely so I don't A) keep a phone that has bad hardware, or B) buy a new phone and continue to have problems because I'm in a bad area.

    As for the tower list thing, that's solved by updating the PRL, right?
  4. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    Indeed *228, option 2.

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