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  1. tmclaj

    tmclaj Member

    Name: tmclaj

  2. kos7

    kos7 Member

    tmclaj I just added you, my in game name is kos7 and I really need one flight helmet, then the other things I listed above: a Textbook, Shredders, Cash Counters, Server Racks, Stamps.

    I'll send you an Amperemeter as soon as you accept my add :)
  3. kittesmylz

    kittesmylz Member

    Kos7, I will send you rare things tomorrow. It didn't show me who I was gifting, but I am getting better with it as the night progresses. The other codes are for my mom and girlfriend. Mom is just starting, and my gf got me hooked on this game.
    I entered my tablet code in my phone and vice versa.... but they both show they are pending a response... and since I have both devices with me, I know I'm not completely crazy :)
    I will have to keep both devices up and open so I can keep track of who all is asking for what... it would be cool if they let us send a wish list or something.
    I appreciate all your help!
  4. kittesmylz

    kittesmylz Member

    PS.... I need the white board, text book, binoculars and weather display....for KIT (HSG6AZ)
  5. waxer1987

    waxer1987 New Member

    I am level 12 looking for others around my level to trade for flight school control tower and terminal.

    PM me

    friend code is 3c7g9q username: waxer1987
  6. JonCYY

    JonCYY New Member

    add me pls oug05q

    seriously need help getting some items for Flight School

    Flight Goggles
    Slide Rule
  7. jimmy21

    jimmy21 Member

    friend code: kzdfz2
    username: jimmy
    level 15

    need (in order of importance):

    1 x Wide-angle Binoculars
    2 x Weather Display
    2 x Stapler
    1 x Calculator

  8. livebait

    livebait New Member


    My code is dzevlt

    I'm level 26 and looking for:


    No upgrades at the moment so spare parts would be helpful
  9. mentalmickey

    mentalmickey Member

    Mr Friend Code is yljz71

    Thanks to anyone who sends me something.

    P.S really need two Flight Helmets
  10. Jeip40

    Jeip40 Member

    Waz up everyone!! My code is ie19f6. If anyone can help with textbook, slide ruler, whiteboard, weather display, wide binoculars, shredder, stamps, cash counter, or server rack. I know is a long list but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and lets keep those airplanes flying high, lol.
  11. Jeip40

    Jeip40 Member

    KIT, just sent u the weather display....
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  12. mentalmickey

    mentalmickey Member

    im at level 19 so not sure you want to add or not but if so my code is


    in need of all the following (big list this lol)

    2x flight helmets, 2 x stapler, 2 x calculator, 2 x washboard, 2 x whiteboard, 2 x wide-angle binoculars, 2 x weather display, 2 x shredder, 2 x stamp, 2 x cash counter and finally lol 2 x server bank...

    yep i play this for hours per day whilst either at work and home and i have more hope of the winning lottery ticket falling from a plane then any off the above lol.

    thanks in advance.
  13. Jeip40

    Jeip40 Member

    Mentalmickey I'm trying to enter ur code, but is saying its a bad code... YLJZ71...right?
  14. ploeggie

    ploeggie New Member

    pls add



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  15. hoekone

    hoekone New Member

    hi my friend code is - l0av3l
    Username: Hoekone
    i need please:

    2x flight helmets
    2x flight goggles

    pretty pretty please?

    ill be sending out what i can when i can to the rest of you.

  16. kos7

    kos7 Member

    This is brilliant guys! Good to see so many people. We might have to set up something more organised if this gets much bigger :)

    Remember to list your username, your friend code, your level and a list of items you need at the moment so we can work out who is who in the game.

    For me that is:

    In-game name: kos7
    Friend code: 8m3uq2
    Level: 21
    Items needed: 1 Weather Display, 2 Cash Counter, 1 Calculator
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  17. kos7

    kos7 Member

    If you are looking for gift swapping, so we can better find each other in game...
    Remember to list your username, your friend code, your level and a list of items you need at the moment so we can work out who is who in the game.

    For me that is:

    In-game name: kos7
    Friend code: 8m3uq2
    Level: 21
    Items needed: 1 Weather Display, 2 Cash Counter, 1 Calculator

    And above all, give and you shall receive :)
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  18. MortenH

    MortenH New Member

    In-game name: MortenH
    Friend code: tjxhdx
    Level: 26
    Items needed: Items to repair base lvl 4..
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  19. mentalmickey

    mentalmickey Member

    right i know this sounds a daft question, but how the hell do i find out what my username is lol... i have been looking everywhere on this game and cannot find the thing.. sorry to sound a bit daft lol
  20. kos7

    kos7 Member

    Well the username itself is only something that came in the new patch with the new friends/neighbours feature, so make sure you are updated to the latest version :)

    To find it in the game you go to the friends button at the bottom (the 3 people icon) then choose the menu option with the same 3 people icon. In there you will see 5 tabs at the top, the two tabs on the far right are 'Profile' and 'Friend Codes', in the 'Profile' tab is where you set your username, and in the 'Friend Codes' tab is where you find your friend code and add other people's friend codes. Hope that helps!
  21. mentalmickey

    mentalmickey Member

    yes thats brilliant ta, just updated it thank you :) i am called


    Think i have done it right lol.... brilliant so here is me so far.

    In-Game name: Mad37

    Friend Code: yljz7l

    Level: 19

    What is needed: Flight Helmet x1. Stapler x1. Calculator x2, Binoculars x 1, Weather Display x 2, Shredder x 2, Stamp x 2, Cash Counter x 2, Server Bank x 2.

    There we go and thanks for all the help.
  22. wolfie8000

    wolfie8000 Member

    In-Game name: wolfie80

    Friend Code: vtuh7h

    Level: 27

    What I would like
    Packaging machine, Cooling chamber, Defroster, Master plan, Transmitter, Altimeter.
  23. barryvb

    barryvb Member

    In game name: Barry
    Friend code : g8jg9k
    Level: 21

    What I would like Amperemeter, Hull parts, laser Cutter, Parts of the romp?

    I already added 5 people so cant send invites today.
    I will check out tomorrow and help you all as much as possible.
  24. kos7

    kos7 Member

    Thanks for the Power Source wolfie8000, I sent you a gift before you posted on here so I didn't send you one of the things you need, apologies for that, but I'll be sure to send you one of the things you listed tomorrow!

    Barry welcome! I've also added my maximum friends for today, will add you tomorrow and send you something as soon as we're neighbours.

    And guys be sure to keep your posts up to date if you no longer need things so you don't get too many! :)

    In-game name: kos7
    Friend code: 8m3uq2
    Level: 21
    Items needed: 1 Weather Display, 2 Cash Counter, 1 Calculator
  25. barryvb

    barryvb Member

    Kos7: great; we will be in touch tomorrow :)
    Do you think the 20 gifts a day will be resetted tomorrow, because I have only 3 left (was a bit too generous today)

    wolfie: i send you the amperemeter; love to get this one back.

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