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Airport City - Friend Code & Trades thread

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  1. themaxrj

    themaxrj New Member

    I have:
    whiteboard, drill machine, laser cutter, flight googles, flight helmet, lining plate
    power source, insulation, welder, copy machine, projector, calculator, shredder, computer, stamp, stapler, air conditioner, projector, paint, cockipit glass, empennage, light engine, spare propeller, landing lamp.
    I NEED

  2. Please add me
    I need shredder, stamp, cash counter and server rack
  3. kittesmylz

    kittesmylz Member

    I don't understand. On my tablet I have more than 900 neighbors, but I didn't get 200 coins for each using my code. I did for a few, but not that many. I have less than 50 neighbors on my phone, and the same about the coins received. I can't be my tablets neighbor on my phone, or my friends neighbor.... So I think I am doing something wrong. You guys are all neighbors on my tablet, but I have so many, I can't find you to gift you. But on my phone, I have two of you and have gifted.
  4. barryvb

    barryvb Member

    Thank you guys, send again a few gifts and this seems to be working pretty good:
    Here is my updated list:
    In game name: Barry
    Friend code : g8jg9k
    Level: 21

    What I would like Amperemeter, Hull parts, and the filling plate? (which comes right after hull parts).
  5. QU1NL4N

    QU1NL4N New Member

    Hi, add me and ill happily start swapping gifts

    In-game name:
    Friend code: 5btz31
    Level: 26
    Items needed: 1 x Smoke Detector, 2 x Hulk parts,

  6. paulv6666

    paulv6666 Member

    Hi guys

    added a few of you and sent gifts accordingly

    Name: Paul
    Code: vxepoc
    Level: 22
    Items required: Textbook x2, Whiteboard x2, WA Binoculars x2, weather display x2

    Much appreciated!
  7. Tinks31

    Tinks31 Member

    Hi, am new to all this - not sure how to find people with specific names - have just added people that have come up - if i work it out or you can let me know how then i will try to add some of you and send the things you need (apologies if i have sent you something random up till now by pure accident !)

    Name: tankman
    Code: fnjliv
    Level: 16
    Items required: 2 x flight helmet
  8. Thanks Paul. have sent you your textbook.

    i now just need stamp, cash counter x2 and server rack x2
  9. Tinks31

    Tinks31 Member

    Thanks Paul !! Barry apparently i need to be a higher level to send what you need but if i get there i will be sure to send it :)
  10. ashking

    ashking Member


    username: Ash
    my code is: c9yq4t

    in need of



    thanks feel free to PM to organise trades
  11. kittesmylz

    kittesmylz Member

    Kit HSG6AZ
    Kittesmylz 3L8YKH
    Nitakay PXT05A
    Gramcandy K96H1Z
  12. barryvb

    barryvb Member

    No problem, I send you the flight helmet so you can start leveling up

    In game name: Barry
    Friend code : g8jg9k
    Level: 21

    What I would like Amperemeter, Hull parts, and the filling plate? (which comes right after hull parts).
  13. kittesmylz

    kittesmylz Member

    My mom uninstalls her game, re installs it...the fresh air code gave her 3000 coins and 2 or 3 dollars! She said it did that on Friday also... But worse, I an upgrading my repair base, and have two planes down....they won't let me fix them while it is updating like it said this update would let you do. Waaa
  14. smitthers

    smitthers New Member

    Hi please add me too

    In-game name: Captain Cavemen
    Friend code: sahz5a
    Level: 20
    Items needed: 2 x Server Racks and 1x Stamp
  15. baniel

    baniel New Member


    In-game name: baniel
    Friend code: k2z5ec
    Level: 22
    Items needed: 2x Textbook, 1x Wide-angle Binoculars, 2x Weather Display.

    PM me to organize gifts.

  16. honken77

    honken77 New Member

    in-game name : honken77
    friendcode: pmnf57
    level: 10 for the moment. Used to be at 21.
    Updated to what Items I need for the moment:
    2 stapler, 4 projector, 2 calculator, 2 whiteboard,1 flight helmet, 1 textbook, 1 slide rule, 1 guestbook, 1 copy machine,

    Did anyone one had same problem like I did, when the new update came it reseted my game.
    I was at level 21 and had level 5 on all my buildings. Very anoying...
  17. fil45

    fil45 Member

    Hi everybodi!

    Name: fil45

    Code: 777mip
    Level: 18
    Items required:*cash counte x2, server x2, paper destructor x2 WA Binoculars x2, weather display x2

    Thank you!
  18. Dusss

    Dusss Member

    Hi Kos7,

    Thanks for adding me! I just sent you a cash counter so only 1 calculator to go ;)
    Can you please send me a copier when you still have items to give away ;)

    My in-game name: Dusss
    My friend code: 5bp4gl
    Level: 35
    Items needed: 1 copier
  19. tim687

    tim687 Member

    i speciy registered for this, can you give me this for my new town house:
    2 staplers
    2 whiteboards
    2 calculators
    nd plz. All the things for terminal lvl4, when i got the money i will upgrade.

    Friendcode: zw83bl
    Username: MrDutchgamerzzz
    Lvl: 18 (near 19)
    Stars: 22
    Thanks for your help!
  20. Dusss

    Dusss Member

    Hi all,

    I still have one item to send today. I reached the maximum of friend/promo codes so if there is anyone who added me and needs a certain item, let me know the item and your in-game name.

    My in-game name: Dusss
    My friend code: 5bp4gl
    Level: 35
    Items needed: 1 copier
  21. sm00th

    sm00th New Member

    My code


  22. Dusss

    Dusss Member

    MrDutchgamerzzz, you just received a brand-new stapler! :D

    My in-game name: Dusss
    My friend code: 5bp4gl
    Level: 35
    Items needed:
    spare wire (flight to Sydney)
    fuel additives (flight to London)
    flight catering (several flights)
  23. JustinTime2000

    JustinTime2000 New Member

    Username: JustinTime
    code: D1L7QU
    level: 30
    items needed: 3 archive boxes, 2 ergonomic chairs, 1 packaging machine, 3 cooling chambers, 3 defrosters
    I have added all of my codes for the day, but will let me know what you need and I will send tomorrow. Thanks.
  24. sm00th

    sm00th New Member

    Is there a way to add specific people? Mine just pops up random players each day to add as neighbors. I have tons of stuff to gift!
  25. tmclaj

    tmclaj Member

    thanks to all for the gifts.

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