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Airport City Neighbours help

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  1. nsmaf7

    nsmaf7 Active Member

    I have 8 neighbours in airport city but I can only seem to visit 2 of them the others have the visit button greyed out.

    Anyone has any idea why this is?

  2. Firns

    Firns New Member

    may i know how to add neigbours??
  3. btelander

    btelander New Member

    I'm trying to complete flight school.

    Can someone send me

    2 flight helmets
    2 flight goggles
    1 slide ruler


  4. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

  5. Nanna3008

    Nanna3008 New Member

    When or how can you receive banknotes ?
    I only get them by weekendgifts....

  6. dinhty

    dinhty New Member

    I need neighbors, pls add me: [Removed]
  7. Hermitage

    Hermitage Member

    I had the same problem, and contacted the developers. after having to give a lot of answers about the type of phone I was using, I finally got a message that this problem was being passed on to the IT team for investigation! So there is no real answer as yet. I did find all my neighbour (I'm English, not American!) icons became live when the game was updated with the American Week challenge.
  8. Hermitage

    Hermitage Member

    As far as I can work it out, every hour your neighbours list is updated, and up to 5 neighbours will appear that you can add to your waiting list. the 5 you add are randomly selected by the game from whatever database is stored by GameInsite's server. Now, I'm not sure how this works, but I think that when two people who have cliked on the add neighbours, happen to match each other, then they show up as fully fledged neighbours. Currently I have 612 neighbours pending, and only 37 live neighbours. I hope this makes some sense to you.
  9. Hermitage

    Hermitage Member

    The game is designed to encourage you to purchase the sim dollars using real money. If, like me, you refuse to go down this route, then the only other way you get sim dollars is when you go up a level. Then you receive 1 sim dollar each time you go up a level. as there are 40 levels, you can get an extra 40 sim dollars eventually! Also, every weekend their is a gift code published on the Airport City Facebook page. This will give you 3 sim dollars and 2000 coins. So you have the potential of adding another 156 sim dollars every year!!
  10. jwmd123

    jwmd123 Member


    Did any off you complete the last task (American trail). Even though I done everything needed I still could not complete it.
  11. Blessed2

    Blessed2 New Member

    This information is according to how my SSG2 Skyrocket functions with the Airport City Game:
    From phone tap on people at bottom of screen, then tap on people(friends) again. Next is a page with a lot of tabs.
    ADD - tap it and see random people to ADD as neighbors, I find myself waiting for weeks and then deleting them from the request because they don't answer.

    WAITING - tap it and see who you are waiting for replies to your request.

    NEIGHBORS - tap it and see who you are connected with as neighbors

    PROFILE - tap it and see yourself / your information

    FRIEND CODE - TAP ON THIS TAB to see your friend code to POST to be ADDED as a neighbor. Another area where you ENTER individual friend codes you find on this forum. They LIMIT how many you can enter in one day / 24hours.
  12. mattc89

    mattc89 Member

    i had a few problems too. is it the more reputation you get the more friends you can visit?
  13. pumbaa672

    pumbaa672 New Member

    I'm stuck on level 2 control tower for awhile now.
    I need one dispatcher console.

    Also on Level 2 fuel station too.
    I need two wires and one control unit.

    Flight school also.
    I need one flight goggles, two textbook and one slide rule.

    PM with your friend code and I'll send you mine. Since I have not posted 25 messages and can not post it here.

  14. Polka65

    Polka65 New Member

    I probably deleted a friend, because he isn't in my neighbours list anymore.
    If i wil add him again the system tells me that the promotion code is not correct or not in use. He has the same problem with adding my code. We have been neighbours before.

    Does anyone know how we can solve this, so that will become neighbours again?

    Thank you.

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