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Alarm and Silent mode issueSupport

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  1. 67Sherri

    67Sherri New Member

    I can't figure a way to have my daily alarm vibrate in silent mode (using Silent Time scheduled time)

    I was used to my Incredible doing just that, needless to say I was shocked when the alarm sounded

  2. John728

    John728 Active Member

    Try this app
  3. John728

    John728 Active Member

    Ok, forget what I said. I tried the following apps and NONE of them worked:

    quick profiles
    Silent Mode Jammer
    sound manager
    sound manager v2
    volume ace free

    On each of them, when I set the alarm volume to "silent", the alarm still makes noise.

    I work in a very sensitive environment and I can't afford to have my phone make any sound at all when I'm at work. But I need to have my alarms go off. I don't work every day and when I'm not working I want to have the alarms audible. So I need an app that will silence EVERYTHING, or an alarm app that will obey the Android notification volume. Please help. I've been researching this issue for the past 2 hours and it's driving me crazy!

    The problem with using Calendar (at least on my Stratosphere) is the notification only goes off once.

    I hate that Android is set up this way. No offense to anyone but I can't believe that anyone would use his phone to wake him in the morning. If I relied on my phone to wake me I would have been fired many times over, because the battery was dead, or I didn't hear it because it was in my pocket, etc. I use a simple alarm clock that cost $10. Android should definitely have an option to have silent mode silence everything. Just my two cents in case anyone from Google ever reads this stuff (which I highly doubt but I had to get it off my chest.)
  4. buffaloquinn

    buffaloquinn Member

    John & Sherri,
    Trying to figure out exactly what you are trying to do.
    I am one of those crazy people that uses my phone for my alarm clock. Why? Because my phone is with me all the time and unlike a $10 alarm clock I can set a virtually unlimited number of alarms. Since my schedule fluctuates through the week and weekend, the phone allows me to set the whole week's alarms as soon as I know them. So I don't get up at 6:00 the day I was supposed to be up at 5. And for me, the fact that no matter what my phone volume is set at, including silent, my alarm will still blares its little tune to wake me up is great.
    John, if you don't want alarms to go off at work, why are you setting them? The alarm is flexible enough to select and/or deselect specific days or just disable them, so I fail to see the problem.
    Sherri, I'd suggest using calendar or task reminders instead of alarms, both of which can be set to vibrate.
    Another option is to use the vibrate and sound option for your alarms and use a totally silent sound for your alarm ringtone. Of course you would have to remember to reset it to a normal ringtone when you truly need an alarm.
  5. John728

    John728 Active Member

    That makes sense and I didn't mean to imply you are crazy.
    But I DO want them to go off at work, just silently.
    I tried calendar and it works except it only goes off once and I often miss it. What are task reminders?
    That's a good idea. It would just be a lot nicer if the aforementioned apps worked like they were supposed to :(
  6. buffaloquinn

    buffaloquinn Member

    I suppose it's a matter of preference. My old phone used to silence everything including the alarm. Unfortunately if I was at a movie or show the night before and had silenced my phone and forgot to turn the volume back on, it meant I was late for work the next day.
    Some of the Task (to do lists) Programs allow you to set reminder alarms. I'm currently using "Any.Do" and it does. Works similar to calendar notifications.
  7. buffaloquinn

    buffaloquinn Member

    You might want to check out "Llama" in the market. It sounds promising.

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