Alarm App that plays music?

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  1. golpher

    golpher Active Member

    Hey guys I need a alarm clock app that will play music,, something a bit more motivational than beeping or chirping..

    Any help is kindly appreciated :)

  2. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Well-Known Member

    just put an mp3 clip in your "alarms" folder on your SD card. Then the stock alarm will play music as well.
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  3. golpher

    golpher Active Member

    Ahh just the advice I needed,,, thanks my friend :)
  4. cmdrake

    cmdrake Member

    Gentle Alarm will do it as well, and it fades the music in, so you don't get the abrupt blaring music.
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  5. golpher

    golpher Active Member

    Thanks for the ideas! Maybe now I'll actually get up early and do a lil exercising before work,, instead of hitting snooze :D
  6. heroooo

    heroooo Member

    Hi there, I see this is getting a little old, but appalarm might be what your looking for. You can set any program to start and play as your alarm, this includes PANDORA! I love it! Plays random reggae (bob marley station) music every morning to wake me up. I wish it had a fade in option tho.

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