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  1. sfogle

    sfogle Member

    Decided to try my Epic's alarm this AM- had the phone powered off while charging and guess what? The alarm doesn't work when the phone is powered off! I tested again this afternoon to make sure something wasn't messed up and sure enough, the phone doesn't power on and activate the alarm-

    Is this some kind of bug in Android 2.1?

    I find it kinda funny that ALL of my recent Blackberries would power on and activate the alarm and this phone won't-

  2. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    The phone needs to be on, I find it kinda surprising that a blackberry turns it's self on according to alarm. I guess that would be a nice option to have, but I don't think you should be calling this a bug, its not a bug.
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  3. sfogle

    sfogle Member

    Right...that's why I put a question mark on my posting.

    Thanks for the reply-
  4. ragnarokx

    ragnarokx Well-Known Member

    That's because with a Blackberry the phone is never really off, it just hibernates. You can't turn a Blackberry truly off because most take 5+ minutes to start back up!
  5. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    Now this IS funny. When I got my Epic, I powered off the ol' BlackBerry and said so long. I was kinda surprised the next morning when BOTH alarms went off. So that night, I made SURE I turned off that BlackBerry and sure enough, it went off again! I was like, what kind of phone is this that turns itself on when you intentionally turn it off? I had to pull the battery out of the thing just to keep it from bothering me any more.

    Moral of the story is that one man's feature is another man's bug :)
  6. keenan6

    keenan6 Well-Known Member

  7. riley4724

    riley4724 New Member

    Has anyone noticed that the Snooze duration doesn't seem to work? I have mine set to 10 minutes and it seems to be defaulting to something else (5 I think). My alarm went off at 6:30 and I snoozed at least twice, which means it should have been 6:50 when I woke up, but it was 6:45. I double checked the setting and it was right.

    Alternatively, can someone recommend a good (better) alarm app?
  8. drbunda

    drbunda Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...haven't noticed this but I set my alarm to a song and it stopped playing when the song was over. I guess this makes sense, but I was hoping it would start the song over and keep playing and playing until I turned it off just in case I didn't hear it right away or something. If there is another better Alarm app out there that would be great!
  9. riley4724

    riley4724 New Member

    So I was never able to recreate the weird alarm snooze issue I had at first, which frankly is fine with me. Unfortunately, I have had a different issue several mornings now that is driving me nuts. Maybe it's me being a Android n00b.

    I plug my phone in before going to bed to charge and use it as my alarm. At some point in the night the battery fully charges and that blue message box pops up. Typically I don't hear it vibrate when it's charged because I'm sleeping to click ok. When my alarm goes off I have the battery message in front of the alarm, if I click it the alarm window to snooze/dismiss goes away, but the alarm keeps sounding. In my morning haze, the only thing I've been able to do to turn it off is power it off; there has to be a better way.

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