Alarm clock and phone dock?

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  1. trvlrschick

    trvlrschick Member

    I'm looking for something like the iHome that docks an iPhone, has a radio, plays music from the phone through the speakers, and has two alarm clocks. I have one from my old iPhone, but now that I've switched to the Galaxy Note, I would like to be able to charge my phone in the bedroom and have an alarm clock as well. Anyone have anything like this?

  2. the only thing i found was a dock to charge Galaxy Note
  3. mastermixer

    mastermixer New Member

  4. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

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  5. 3waygeek

    3waygeek Well-Known Member

    I also have the Philips AS140 -- I just got it last week. It works pretty well, except that whenever my GSII is in range, it insists on making an A2DP connection to the dock, even when I don't want it to.
  6. krisatt

    krisatt New Member

    The ihome iC50 is exactly that- charges, plays radio, has an alarm clock- but I'm having trouble using with my Samsung galaxy S3 to play music from the phone as the ihome shuts off every 3 minutes (an auto off function that I haven't been able to disable or get around)
  7. screenprintr

    screenprintr Active Member

    Never heard of the Auto Shut off function from iHome. I have the same dock iC50.

    The 1st one had every display light on. I couldn't tell what was the time, station, AM, PM etc. My wife took it back and exchanged it for a new one. The new one works great.

    I simply change the Mode to the Music symbol and play the music from my Galaxy S3.

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