Alarm Clock PlusV2: An alarm application that works great!

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  1. Nuke209

    Nuke209 Guest

    The application works better than the standard alarm. I can set it to allow snooze or no snooze. Also allows me to use an external ringtone as my ring. The feature that works for me (and probably many others) is the Math feature. That there will wake me up.

  2. Can this alarm be set up to repeat every 4 weeks? I work on a 4 week schedule. Monday, Tuesday Days, Friday Saturday Sunday, Nights, Wednesday Thursday Days and so on. Can this ap only repeat every week or can I repeat it every 4 weeks?
  3. droididol

    droididol Active Member

    I've gotta say, I've used this app for years now, and it is certainly the best alarm clock. Though unfortunately, droidriveyoucra, I don't think it can set up a monthly schedule. You would have to change it every week- though you could set up 4 different sets of alarms and then just disable and enable them.

  4. Thanks. A lot easier to just use the same alarm and just change it from AM to PM. I tried a calendar program but it uses the Notification Settings to come on which I put on silent for the night. I need something that uses the Alarm Ringtone.

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