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  1. Shoresy

    Shoresy Member

    I have had my tattoo for just over 2 weeks now and like the phone a lot . the only problem is the alarm clock doesnt work properly .

    Ok so 2 times in 5 it has worked i realised straight away i had killed the task with task killer so rebooted the phone and tried again and the next morning it worked fine . next night i set the alarm made sure the task was running and it didnt work ???

    Now this as i see it is a fundemental part of a mobile phone teh alarm clock must work but now i dont trust it so i have my old phone set which was a cheap thing i bought as a temporary stop gap.

    So my questions are

    is anyone else having this problem and is there a really good alarm clock app that is 100% reliable ??

    Thanks for your help peeps


  2. coolbits

    coolbits Member

    Just dont kill the clock or the clock widget... works here everytime.
    btw you cant turn off the phone if you want alarm function.
  3. Shoresy

    Shoresy Member

    I have always had the phone switched on

    and during the day i kill tasks that arent needed to be running but at night i just put it next to the bed after making sure the alarm is set . i just hasnt worked I have even woke up before it should go off to check if it is going to work .

    another thing if i set it to go off in 10 minutes from now it will go off every time so i am at a loss anyway I have downloaed an alrm clock app to try that and see if i can get some reliability from the alarm


  4. Intiims

    Intiims Member

    I had some problems with clock task killing, but this is not probably the case. I installed TaskKiller app and turned auto kill on, so I needed to put clock in ignore list for alarm to work, but if the task is running then alarm is working fine.
  5. Shoresy

    Shoresy Member

    I believe I found the problem I believe it is due to turning down the media volume . when playing games i turned down the volume and never turned it up . I thought it would use the ringer volume as I made sure that was turned up.

    Anyway thats what i did different last night and it worked this morning

    So now i have my fingers crossed I have got to the bottom of the problem. Will post back on here if not

  6. brandmarked

    brandmarked Well-Known Member

    Try installing Audio Manager from the market to check your volume levels.

    I had this problem when I first got my Tattoo and Audio Manager solved it. It allows you to see and control the alarm volume which is not that visible elsewhere. Audio Manager includes a widget that lets you see all the different volumes at a glance.

    (You can actually change the alarm volume by

    Clock > Alarm icon > select alarm > alarm sound > use hard volume controls to turn alarm volume up and down (it is independent of other sound settings)
  7. simsim

    simsim New Member

    I've read so many posts about problems with the alarm...I've done everythig, but it still doesn't ring, so if someone could please give me an advice.... It worked fine yesterday...but today,I set the alarm, but nothing happened in the morning, and the soud is on,I checked, it's set fine. Even when I try to set the alarm, when I chose the ring tones for the alarm, no sound is made...when I chose a sound for sms notifications or caller ring tone it just fine. And when the alarm is set, the screen lights, but it doesn't make no sound, but the vibrate mode works for the alarm...I have no idea what to do anymore!!
  8. pevans_om

    pevans_om Active Member

    It's usually a volume problem. Setting volumes can be a bit confusing in Android. Alarm volume setting is different to notifications or ring tones.

    To set the Alarm Volume do the following:

    Open the alarm you want to set
    Select alarm sound
    While the list of Alarm sounds is being displayed, use the volume buttons to adjust the volume. You should see it say "Alarm Volume"

    That should solve it I think
  9. brandmarked

    brandmarked Well-Known Member

    Have you installed AudioManager as suggested in the above post?
    Have you got rid of task killers?
    What apps are running?
  10. Peter D

    Peter D Member

    I had the same problem. I have found that it works if I check that the volume is turned up when I set it.
  11. elgars

    elgars New Member

    tnx pevans_om! It's solved my problem with alarm.
  12. peshevap

    peshevap New Member

    That is what really helped me!
  13. ippi591

    ippi591 New Member

    hi all,

    i have been experiencing exactly the same symtoms as shoresy originally had but when installing audio manager found my volume levels were fine. luckily this morning i woke up just before the alarm was due to go off and absolutely nothing happened at the desired time, the phone didnt "wake up", screen not on, zip, nada, niks. i eventually found an setting in a es task manager "auto kill when screen is off" and disabled it. hope it works, i was late for work yesterday and intermittantly throughout this last year i've had the tattoo.

    Great little phone but i really cant wait for the desire hd!

  14. LeighGBowden

    LeighGBowden New Member

    I have a Tattoo which is having the alarm problems i.e. not waking me in the morning. This is what I've done:

    * Checked alarm volume and it's at maximum.
    * Deleted all alarms and recreated them and then checked volume again.
    * Applies even if the phone is on or off the charger.
    * I have no task killers over and above the one that came with the phone.
    * I did a hard-reset and returned the phone to factory defaults. Alarm worked fine for a few weeks but is now not sounding in the morning.
    * Since reset I've installed nothing so it's a bare Tattoo with as few changes to default as possible. Even before reset I'd only installed two apps more than a year previously.
    * All alarm sounds are the built-in sounds - no MP3/WMA sounds.

    Before the reset I took it back to Orange and the sales-bod set the alarm for just two minutes in advance and it failed to go off - until she woke up the phone with a button press. Twice.

    If the alarm has supposedly gone off but an external event happens like a button press or a phone call then the alarm immediately goes off - even if it's an hour late!!! In the latter event the swipe down answered the phone but didn't dismiss the alarm and there was no mechanism for turning off the alarm whilst taking the call.

    At this point I believe it's an Android problem rather than a Tattoo h/w problem. I don't think the Tattoo h/w has any ability beyond a simple clock and the alarm is entirely a function of Android - but I could be wrong.
  15. LeighGBowden

    LeighGBowden New Member

    Just thought I'd add that I set an appointment in calendar to "wake-up" as an experiemnt and that didn't appear to work either.
  16. Shoresy

    Shoresy Member

    I found the answer and its to not use the clock. I downloaded Alarm Klock off the market and it has been reliable ever since .

    so junk the original stuff and download an app that works .

    Never been late up again since unless i switched it off and rolled over and went back to sleep but cant blame the app for that :)
  17. abburke

    abburke New Member

    For those of us who have the problem and is not solved by volume adjustment, I think I may have found the problem. My wife and I recently began having this problem after moving locations. One of the other problems we noticed was that when we hit the power button on our Samsung Fascinates to activate the screen and begin using it, the clock was off a few hours and then it would change to actual time. Both our phones were set to automatic which uses the network clock synced to. I decided to turn it off then try the alarm. It worked. I am going to perform some more testing but seems either the location we are in is not updating correctly, has a wayward clocking setup or the phone is not allowing the function to update when it is "asleep."

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