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  1. 22881199

    22881199 New Member

    Can anyone recommend a hi-fi alarm dock for use with an S4? Would prefer a nice unit (Bose, Harmon Kardon, etc.) that has a native, direct connect connector. In other words I don't want to have to use adapters, wires, secondary cradles, etc. Options I have found are few and far between other than a typical $30 iHome unit. The only other option I found was a Philips AS141.

    I just can't believe that more units don't offer interchangeable connectors.

    Any recommendations on units I should check out?


  2. Unicorn512

    Unicorn512 Well-Known Member

    Have you thought about using Blue Tooth as the connection method instead of the plugin? That gives you much more freedom (and no wires.) You can also consider a Smart Dock....

    Not sure what is most important to you. Sound quality? Alarm functions?
  3. 22881199

    22881199 New Member

    Sound quality is most important. I don't mind a bluetooth connection but I'd like to be able to charge it at the same time.

    I know I could do a stereo, connect it with Bluetooth and set a charge dock on top and achieve the same thing BUT I was after something a little more integrated.

  4. Unicorn512

    Unicorn512 Well-Known Member

    All I can say is good luck. For my $ I would rather have a solution that I could be pretty sure would would work with my next device/phone as opposed to a one that is specific to this device. I usually change the phone every couple of years, and a good stereo should last thru several of those.

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