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    Jan 20, 2010
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    Since upgrading my unrooted Hero to 2.1 I have experienced the following problem:

    My phone is in standby, screen blacked out, maybe lying on the desk or in my pocket. The alarm goes off because I have an appointment. Normally I would then be able to select "snooze" or deactivate the alarm. But now I have experienced again and again that just moving/picking up the phone will stop the alarm sound and apparently select "snooze", because the alarm goes off again after 5 minutes. :confused:

    This is quite frustrating, as it has happened I was talking with someone, the alarm goes off, i pick up the phone, the alarm stops, i put down the phone, 5 minutes later the alarm goes off again...

    If I unlock the screen after the alarm has gone off I get no notification of the alarm, as I did before the upgrade.

    -anyone else experiencing this?
    -any way to get the phone not to react to "moving"?




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