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  1. jeanerz13

    jeanerz13 Member

    So, I got the HTC One V a few days ago. I seem to be having issues using the alarm function. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the phone or the Clock app/widget in HTC Sense 4. I didn't have any problem when I had the HTC Rezound for 2 weeks (ICS and Sense 3.6).

    Anyway, I have 3 alarms set for the morning (yes I have trouble dragging myself out of bed in the morning) and one in the afternoon. They are all set to repeat Monday through Friday. Yesterday morning, the first 2 morning alarms went off but the 3rd and the afternoon alarm did not. This morning the first 2 morning alarms went off, and so did the afternoon alarm, but not the 3rd morning alarm. I changed settings to say that pressing side buttons does nothing (wasn't sure if it was counting being on the charger as pressing a side button or something). I do not have any task killer apps and I do not completely turn off my phone. The phone does get locked at night (press the power button, but don't hold it to completely power off). The phone remains on the charger all night long.

    It seems like even though I have all the alarms set to repeat, I manually have to go into each, look at it, and tap "done" so that it will work again. I did that yesterday but not for the 3rd morning alarm (the one that didn't go off today). Maybe I did some other magic and my observations about viewing the alarms again is a coincidence.

    Has anyone else had these problems with the alarm in the included Clock app?

    Update 08/31: This morning, alarm 1 didn't go off but alarm 2 and 3 did. I had it on the charger for alarm 1 but not for 2 and 3. However, yesterday it did go off when it was on the charger...Really beginning to seem random...

  2. rainydais

    rainydais New Member

    Not that it is helpful for you, but my phone has been doing almost the same thing.
    The recurring daily alarms that have been set go off with no problem, but any one time alarms I set up do not go off.
    For example, I have a recurring alarm set for Saturdays at 9:30 AM, but if I also set a one time alarm for 9:30 AM and it's Tuesday, it does not go off in the morning. I'm not sleeping through it, believe me it's very loud and right next to my head. Also there's never any indication that it snoozed by itself even if I had slept through the ear piercingly loud alarm.
    Same as you I don't use an app killer, and I do not turn off the phone overnight.
  3. rickyx32

    rickyx32 Well-Known Member

    I've encountered the same issue. To problem lies that every once in a while the phone will fail to properly go into idle. Idle occurs when you stop using the phone for 30 seconds or so and the screen turns off, or when press the power button directly to turn off the screen. I've notice that sometimes when I look at facebook in the middle of the night and press the power button that it does not fully turn off the screen, the screen is black and there's nothing displayed, but it is still faintly backlit. I've noticed the same effect when I picked up the phone after failed to engage the alarm. So the phone may seem to be in idle, but it is actually awake, and therefore the alarm won't engage properly. I'm not sure what the culprit is or if I'm entirely correct, but I just make sure that the phone really is in idle before I go to bed.
  4. jeanerz13

    jeanerz13 Member

    Just an update -- after the first week or two I haven't really had much problem with the alarms... There was one day that it didn't go off when I expected it to. The first 2 alarms went off fine, the third did not -- I think I may have unplugged it after the 2nd, though I don't know if that was related.

    I still have my old "dumb" phone to use as a backup for alarms... I can't see anything on the screen or anything for it... but the alarms that were already programmed into it still go off.
  5. los panda

    los panda Well-Known Member

    i've had a different problem with the alarm, *sometimes* if i set it for the very near future, it will tell me alarm set for 25 hours from now as opposed to 1 hour from now.
  6. beand1p

    beand1p Member

    I have problems with the alarm as well. The alarm will not go off on some occasions. Can't seem to reproduce it though. I know two other people with this phone that have the same issue.

    Anyone have any ideas? Maybe try a different alarm app?
  7. cpolek1020

    cpolek1020 Member

    I have the same problem, and I have the problem whether I'm using the stock alarm, "Alarm Clock Xtreme Free", or "Alarm Clock Plus" (also free).

    Just saw this thread... posted my own this morning over here
  8. beand1p

    beand1p Member

    I would urge anyone who is having these alarm clock issues to contact HTC: http://www.htc.com/www/contact. I'm not sure if that is the best way to contact them, but if we make enough noise maybe they will do something about it. Below is the message I sent...

    There seems to be an alarm clock issue with the HTC One V model phone with Virgin Mobile. There are multiple reports of alarms not going off when they should be. You can view the reports here: http://androidforums.com/htc-one-v/609801-alarm-problems.html and here: http://androidforums.com/htc-one-v/650667-my-one-v-review-alarm-clock-fail.html and here: http://androidforums.com/htc-one-v/653984-alarm-not-working-properly.html

    I would greatly appreciate a response in this matter. Thank you.

    If you contact HTC they are going to want the following information...

    *Serial Number of your device (Can be found in your

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