Alarm without snooze?

  1. Joehunni

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    So rather than study every alarm on the market I figured I'd just ask here. My issue is the fact that I sleep like a rock and the stock alarm won't wake me up because it snoozes for like 15 minutes. I'm looking for a free alarm that works well and either has no snooze at all or one that you can set as low as like 1 minute, help me out?

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  2. homieschooler

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    I sleep like a rock as well. The best app I found was called "Wake up". When the alarm goes off you have to punch in a set of numbers it gives you in order to turn off the alarm. So you pretty much have to be conscious to turn it off. It works for me you should try it.
  3. Kelmar

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    OP - I've heard THIS ALARM works well and that it makes you enter the answer to a math question in order to snooze it. I have never personally used it though....

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