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Album Art In Gallery

  1. Rick76

    Rick76 Member

    I have both a Captivate and a BB Bold 9700 and I switch back and forth regularly. For this reason, I don't sync my music. I just copy my library over to a 16GB microSD card that I also switch back and forth between phones.

    At one point a while back when I upgraded my Blackberry Desktop Manager (because I do sync contacts and calendar between BB and desktop), this program created a new folder on my microSD card called Blackberry. I guess I didn't switch off the default music sync fast enough.

    Anyway, now I have this Blackberry folder and inside it another called Media Sync. Then, inside Media Sync is my Music folder with my 15GB of music. Now the problem.

    When I first put my microSD card in my Captivate, it read the microSD and added all my album art into my Gallery program with all my other pictures. Now this in and of itself is not a major problem, however, it has treated each picture as a separate folder instead of putting all 2,000 pictures in one folder. So, when I open Gallery to view any pictures I have taken or have stored previously, I have to swipe through all of these album art pictures individually to find what I am looking for.

    Because I am a newb to Android and am not familiar with the file structure, I have a couple of questions for anyone that knows.

    First, is there an easy way to batch delete these pictures from my Gallery program?

    Second, if I do delete them, will this actually delete all my album art as well?

    Third, how do I stop this from happening in the future?


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