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  1. WT19i Guy

    WT19i Guy New Member

    Hey, I've just tagged almost all of my Mp3 files on my phone with my custom Album arts, and I have one confusing and odd problem. you see, I have multiple songs that have the exact same Album Art, but some songs will have the Art displaying, and the others (tagged with the exact same picture) will not show the album art and just show the standard vinyl CD picture. I have around 250 songs on my Walkman, and around 30 of them can display their Album Art, yet, the rest cannot. I know it is not a problem with the MP3s themselves, but rather with the Walkman player, since it can't display exact same album art of other mp3 files. Any help or suggestions if you know what's going on or how you can fix this? Sorry if I sound repetitive, but it's irritating to have half your playlist show your desired picture, but the other half cannot display the exact same picture! grr....

  2. squall38

    squall38 Member

    Not sure whats wrong with the Walkman app but a workaround would be to place the cover art as front.jpg in the album's folder instead of embedding it in the audio files.
  3. ejatmaxima94

    ejatmaxima94 New Member

    i get this problem too..~what a mess
  4. Ljooba

    Ljooba Member

    On Walkman apk you can't resolve this,try using other player,i like Power Amp,and play's flac files to.

    HSRBNR Active Member


    The problem may be with the album arts of the mp3s. Ensure that album arts you tagged, were tagged as front covers(as mp3s have front as well as rear covers).

    If you observe same issue using other music players, then surely, something is wrong with the album arts.
  6. Gogaie

    Gogaie New Member

    I've just solved this issue on my 'Live with Walkman' after some tinkering.

    The Walkman app assigns one cover per album of songs. I just changed my album names on mp3s that weren't tagged and covers are ok now.

    Having empty album tags in mp3s will put all songs in an album named as the folder they're in, which means they will most likely have some random cover picked out from one of the mp3s.

    One issue remains still: refreshing (changing) album art on some songs. Delete, power off/on, re-upload mp3 worked for me.

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