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  1. lgtspecb

    lgtspecb Member

    Has anyone found out how to get album art loaded on the phone? I downloaded a song from amazon and the album art dislays fine but not for other mp3's and ogg's.

    I have tried putting a file named album.jpg, cover.jpg and folder.jpg in the albums folder. I have tried putting a jpg in the albumthumbs folder with the amazon productid and with.the album name. I also cannot find any menus or long presses to set it.

    The downloadable users guide doesn't say how, and google searches have turned up nothing.

  2. tipofico

    tipofico Member

    I had the same problem when I loaded MP3s by myself using the usb cable. The I used MediaSync which works with iTunes and the album art was all imported. Not sure how to do it otherwise but hopefully someone does. I didn't try putting the album art files on the sd card but that might work but not sure. BTW, using iTunes I had to make a p[laylist of mp3s only so it didn't put on the apple ancrypted files which won't play. That took a lot of time. I used the "kind" in the columns and sorted like that.

    I'm thinking maybe you use iTunes but maybe not so then this info is not too useful to you. You could use it though, then sync like i wrote and you get the album art that way.
  3. mightykc

    mightykc Member

    I had the same problem. I used MediaMonkey to tag the Mp3's from the web with album art and now all my mp3's show album art on my phone.
  4. lgtspecb

    lgtspecb Member

    @tipofico I don't use iTunes, and album art wouldn't even be worth the trouble if that was the only way. Your the one that bought your music on iTunes well knowing its DRM and restricted format so don't complain about it here.

    @mightykc Not sure what MediaMonkey is. I'll check it out.
  5. lgtspecb

    lgtspecb Member

    I was able to get the album art loaded by using MusicBrainz and selecting the 'Embed cover art into id3 tag option'. It didn't work at first, but then I found the cover art plugin on the musicbrainz site. A quick restart of the program and it worked like a charm (for mp3's atleast, didn't work for ogg's).

    The client is available for Linux, Windows and Mac, and I highly suggest it for anyone that is serious about catalogging very large volumes of music. I've used it for a few years now as both a standalone client and through it's Amarok integration to keep the music on my server tagged correctly.

    If you don't want to retag your entire library, you can mount the g1 as a usb device and just scan that folder. Now I need to find an alternate method for my ogg's.
  6. tipofico

    tipofico Member

    Yeah - your way looks much easier...
  7. richy240

    richy240 Well-Known Member

    I use ID3-TagIt to update my mp3 ID3 tags. It works well, but it's slower than I'd like. Been using it for years without issue!
  8. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    Stupid Questions time. When I viewed my microsd card on the computer it has a folder for music. So can I just copy and paste what I want to that folder????

    I have everything in typical format with folder for album art etc.

    I guess I can do the same for photo's in the folder for that also??

    Thanks in advance

  9. richy240

    richy240 Well-Known Member

    I believe that is correct! :D
  10. TheLineUp

    TheLineUp Member

    haha... i think you should have use google to search...

    i just have the same question yesterday,,, but i used Window Media Player to help me...

    that work without adding a new program, once you done it at your computer... the MP3 file is set that ART no matter where you move it... so you don't need to save that pic with your Phone... good idea huh ?
  11. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    Yea, I also use Media Player and it works great.
  12. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    Cool I use Media player also thanks,

  13. Poundex

    Poundex Member

    If you don't want to retag all your MP3s you can place a file called AlbumArt.jpg in the album folder
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  14. KeEp +

    KeEp + Active Member

    Yeah, MediaMonkey is perfect for this. Not only does it let you add the album art to each song individually it also has the option to display the art on the folder. So when you choose albums from your G1 the little thumbnail will appear there too along with all the songs inside. Another great thing is you can transfer the songs straight from the program. Just look for your G1 on the folders tab to the left and drag and drop your songs.
  15. Mi|enko

    Mi|enko Well-Known Member

    TagRunner also works for this. I use it for tagging all my music, as well as embedding art and lyrics.
  16. Survive

    Survive New Member

    i agree Media Monkey was the best source to get updated album covers, and clean up your audio folder neatly.
  17. Egi

    Egi New Member


    It did the trick for me without re-tagging all my mp4s. The easiest way there is.


  18. oxomcfc

    oxomcfc Well-Known Member

    yeah i used media player much easier then any other that have been said on this post
  19. klonq

    klonq New Member

    This is the easy answer guys. So simple I almost missed it
  20. inurb

    inurb Member

    Mediamonkey is amazing. I rip audio from youtube and then use media monkey to retrieve all the id3 tags and album cover and I make my very own mp3's. Mediamonkey rules.

    MM gives you an option of saving the album art to a folder or onto the mp3 id3 tag. Choose the id3 tag and then you wont have to worry about any other folders that just have album art on them.
  21. Repoman21

    Repoman21 New Member

    This is definitely the best way. Thanks, Poundex. All I had to do was rename the jpg.
  22. lgtspecb

    lgtspecb Member

    Try Cover Art Downloader. It was able to automatically get the artwork for 87 of my 90 albums in about 1 minute and the other 3 (compilations) were found by doing a search. Definitely the easiest method and free! 5*
  23. CarolSmith

    CarolSmith Member

    Please, can anyone will tell me "What is album art?"
  24. bonnyfused

    bonnyfused Disabled

    I can simply confirm that COVER ART DOWNLOADER is the best one!!! Perfectly working and I love the "batch mode"!!!
  25. Omar_Dhimes

    Omar_Dhimes New Member

    I have the best way, that's a lot of drama. Just mount via USB and go to "albumthumbs" on diferent phone it may have a diferent name but it should have a name that makes sence. Delete the Artwork you don't like so the one you have in the folder will be the default or delete them all if you don't want any. Then go to the folder. I'm so organized that I never have to worry about that because everything fall into place automatically without me having to use my brain. Just try to have each folder with their name and inside the picture you want to appear. If you use any program or hardware, it will sync automatically or it will create an artwork from that picture automatically on some cases you may have to do it manually if is not happening delete the current artwork that is taking over so the one you have on the folder becomes the default. Play the file manually from the folder before using the media player to make the media player create the artwork picture from the pic you pasted on the folder.

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