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  1. Tye

    Tye Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how to add album art to the music player?

    I have put 3 albums on my HTC Hero and none of them have their album art.

    I know it's nothing major but it's a nice little touch to be able to see the album art of the song playing.

    Any ideas?

  2. a7awo

    a7awo Member

    Until I find a quicker way ... I have to load the album into Win Media Player, select all the tunes, RH click and select Advanced Editor, Click on Art, Load Pix, Set it as Front Cover then copy the whole album back to the Hero.
  3. eristoff

    eristoff New Member

    Just put a AlbumArt.jpg file in each folder
  4. samuelmaskell

    samuelmaskell Well-Known Member

    Download tunewiki. It does it for you.
  5. keithwright

    keithwright Active Member

    Does Tunewiki do it for you? I tried and it did not work.
    I had the same problem and downloaded 'album art grabber' from the app a treat!
  6. Lobo

    Lobo Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. i use Rock on.. downloads it right after you install.. and has a nice scroll album function... untill i figure out how to copy them for the default player 8)
  7. Wahwah

    Wahwah Well-Known Member

    That doesn't work for me?
  8. Tye

    Tye Well-Known Member

    I now use Tunewiki, I wish it had a full page widget but its still kool that it syncs lyrics with the song playing =)
  9. cheggerspop

    cheggerspop Well-Known Member

    Cheers Ears, works an absolute treat for me :D

  10. UCS

    UCS Active Member

    Your Mp3's have to be tagged with the album art before it will show up. 2 ways of doing this:

    1. Use a tag editor on your PC before moving the mp3s over to the phone. - itunes, media monkey etc.

    2. Use album art grabber from Android Market.. it works brilliantly provided your on a wifi connection. It will do it all automatically for you.
  11. Malthe Leth

    Malthe Leth New Member

    i use "Tag&Rename" on my pc
  12. itsmoirob

    itsmoirob Well-Known Member

    With almost 40 albums on my SD card I had ONE album that was leaving me frustrated and not keeping hold of the cover art when syncing.
    Now normally I'd just copy the image in a web browser and in WMP right click and "paste album art" It worked for the other 39.
    I tried about half a dozen things including Market apps and eventually this idea. It worked a treat.

    That one rogue album that had lost it's cover finally got it back.

    Thank you a7awo :D
  13. steb0ne

    steb0ne Member

    I use Tag from the Market, I think it was like .99; but has been getting lots of updates. It allows u tag and encode album art; also does batch
  14. rank

    rank Active Member

    i'm stuck. album art grabber did the job fine but the album corrections don't carry over into mixzing or tunewiki. the album art managers for mixzing and tunewiki aren't perfect and i don't see a way to make them take the album art i specify. i tried tag+rename on my pc but mixzing and tunewiki haven't taken those corrections either.

    i don't follow the directions people posted using WMP but maybe thats because im using windows 7?

    could use some advise, i'm obsessive compulsive when it comes to album art. :p
  15. rank

    rank Active Member

  16. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Since moving to Win7 I've been using Winamp to manage the music on my Hero. Anything retagged in it displays perfectly in the default Music app, but I can't vouch for how it'll show in anything else. Might be worth a try though, seeing as it's free?
  17. itandy

    itandy Well-Known Member

  18. twondog22

    twondog22 Active Member

    i had the same problem this is what i did...
    using mp3tag i embeded the album art into the 1st track of every albuim i was going to add (didnt want to add to all tracks because embedding increasing mp3 file size)

    then transfered files to hero via usb
    album art doesnt show up initially when u are in album view in the music player.... however once you play the initial track of the album the album art will show up all songs and be shown in the album view
  19. Haizum74

    Haizum74 Guest

    All I did was put the album art in the folder the album is in and transferred over to my Music folder on the card. Simples
  20. Jaffa

    Jaffa Well-Known Member

    I have started using a MP3 plarey called RockOn its an awesome little app that downloads them all for you, and links to the concert doobry, very nice indeed its not on the market but a google search will find it.
  21. rank

    rank Active Member

    alright i tried mp3tag and mixzing now recognizes all my album art but tunewiki hasn't taken any of the changes. i have no idea why tunewiki is so stubborn lol.

    between these two apps i prefer mixzing, not just because of the album art but it also doesn't have a good size ad scrolled across the bottom that you get with tunewiki. my favorite feature of tunewiki is it streams shoutcast so i guess ill keep it for when i want that option unless i find a shoutcast app. is there one?

    i haven't tried RockOn so ill try that sometime soon.
  22. rank

    rank Active Member

    oh, as for a shoutcast app i found droidlive and it works fine in initial testing. theres a free version with ads or a paid ad free version.
  23. e2zippo

    e2zippo Member

    I also use Tag&Rename on my PC but I can't seem to get any album art to show using mixzing, I've tried adding both "file cover art" and "folder cover art", didn't work.

    I've also tried renaming my jpg-files (i have cover-art for all my albums so I don't want to download them again) to albumart.jpg but didn't do a thing either. For foobar to find them they are named folder.jpg but that's a no as well :mad:

    How hard can it be to use your own cover art :confused:

    It's gotta be related to the file naming, and I shouldn't have to embed the jpg into each file!

    I bet HTC wouldn't have a clue if a contacted them!

    Edit: when I tried the original player the cover art showed in the folder where i named the files albumart.jpg, so I don't know what's up with mixzing.
  24. d12bn

    d12bn Well-Known Member

    Album Art Grabber worked for me! Cost $1.95 and well worth it for me

  25. e2zippo

    e2zippo Member

    I have a swedish unrooted hero so i don't have access to paid apps :/

    But with the original player it seems to work if i name the covers albumart.jpg so i will go with that for now.

    Thanks anyway!

    Edit: apparently it didn't work naming the cover-art albumart.jpg :(

    And fiddling around i realize mixzing is so much better than the original player anyway so i really wanna find a way for it to read my album art included in the folders. Maybe i'll send an email to the creator.

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