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  1. imiles

    imiles New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I was hoping that someone may be able to help me, I have just purchase and Xperia T and am trying to get used to moving from iPHone 4S to Android, from what I can see, and what has proven to be successful so far, is syncing with my iTunes library on my Mac OSX 10.8 using the Bridge application.

    As I said it has worked great.... until now! I loaded on a couple of albums and have noticed that the artwork is not showing. It's in iTune, and other albums are showing the artwork fine after the sync.

    Has anyone come across any issues with the sync missing album artworks? Or is there a specific criteria that the jpg has to be in order to display in the walkman app?

    Any help or advice youy can give would be great.


  2. kizalini

    kizalini New Member

    Not sure if this will help... but it is what I used to get all my album artwork.
    There is an app called Cover Art Downloader (free version available for you to trial)

    Hope that helps; if not I hope you find the solution
  3. cprada726

    cprada726 New Member

    You don't need any app for adding artwork to your music in your cellphone. Once you uploaded your music to google cloud, all you got to do is go to settings, hit apps, then tap google music play app, hit clear data. Then open the play music app and there! your app is syncing the artwork!:)

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