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  1. wnocella

    wnocella New Member


    I have upgraded my phone with the tool "One touch upgrade" found in the Alcatel official site.

    I would like to upgrade my phone to the maximum android version.

    The tool upgraded only 2.2.2

    By Default the phone have 2.2 version.

    How con I update to version 4?


  2. egymaro

    egymaro New Member

    There is no more updates for the Alcatel OT890D after the android 2.2.2 version..
    I have the same phone and tried too much to upgrade it or install a custom rom on it but i couldn't, because this phone isn't popular enough for developers to make a roms for it.. even Alcatel it self is now busy by its new models :) .. any way i think 2.2.2 is so cool , and after rooting the device u can do many things and modify it as u wish, but take care to mess with the system files..
  3. wnocella

    wnocella New Member

    What is rooting?

    What can I do after that?

  4. wnocella

    wnocella New Member


    Are there any update now for alcatel OT 890D ?



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