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  1. Vell_7

    Vell_7 New Member

    I want to root my alcatel ot-918 mix. how do i do this? :confused:

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello Vell_7 and welcome to Android Forums. I see that you are wanting to root your device. You are in the Alcatel Ot-980 area which has some root support. However, you have the 918 which we currently don't have a support area for. Root information is most often device specific so I would not suggest trying the root procedures for the 980. You might ask for advice/help in our general Android discussion area. Someone that knows the Alcatel line and root will have far superior advice for you. Here is a link to that area:
  3. iPETE

    iPETE Member

    rooting the phone is easy.
    installing custom rom is another thing.
    Me, I have issue with getting/finding 3g/4g signal.
    The rom i'm using is from european/asian where they use dual sim.
    I think one for 2g and other for 3g. In US we only have one. So I'm stuck with 2g for now.

    Moderator: There should be OT 918 thread for itself, there's so many 918. S, D N M. There are some people who'd tried/experience on it and maybe like to share.
  4. Derer

    Derer New Member

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