Alcatel OT-981a firmware from 2.1 to 2.2Support

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  1. paulfig911

    paulfig911 New Member


    Does anyone have any information on how to upgrade the OT-981a firmware from 2.1 to 2.2?

    Thank you.

  2. Chimera.

    Chimera. New Member

    I am also interested in this. I am assuming it's not going to be possible but is there any hope?
  3. GP185

    GP185 New Member

    Hi, I just got Alcatel OT-981A. I will be very interested if we get it. It depends how many people going to use this phone. Chances are less.

  4. grchen

    grchen New Member

    Please....I also need to upgrade it to 2.2...can anyone help?
  5. grchen

    grchen New Member

    I just got this phone today.
    After setting up my gmail...the message "download completed" poping up every 5 second.
    Can anyone tell me what is going on? Anything I need to disable it?
  6. mawii_12

    mawii_12 New Member

    Yeah, I want the 2.2 firm because the apps that i had download didnt work on full screen mode i dont know if that can be solved with the 2.1 firm
  7. tgdroid

    tgdroid New Member

    I too would very much like to see an update to 2.2 as it is needed to run flash applications.
  8. andavane

    andavane Member

    Hi.... It means that your apps are automatically updating themselves.
    Check to see if the "Backgroun data" box is ticked in "Accounts & sync settings". The phone updates itself in many ways.
  9. Androidrock123

    Androidrock123 New Member

    i need to update my firmware to 2.2 too because i would like to be able to have live wallpapers on my 981a
  10. stefek99

    stefek99 New Member

    It would be really handy, as many apps require 2.2 (Skype) and I would like to have "portable hotspot" (my friend with 2.2 has it by default)
  11. goceremo

    goceremo New Member

    Alcatel OT-891 firmware from 2.1 to 2.2 ?

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