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Alcatel OT 995 hangs

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  1. Reaveroriginal

    Reaveroriginal New Member

    Hi all,

    Just bought an Alcatel One Touch 995. The main problem I have is that the phone seems very slow and at times unresponsive. For an 1,4 GHz CPU and 1 GB internal storage this can't be the expected performance.

    The phone randomly hangs, especially when using an app like winamp or dropbox. I suspect it could be a problem with a slow microSD card. The issue seems to happen more frequently when I insert a 16 gig card instead of a 4 gig. As for apps, i mainly use remember the milk, dropbox and evernote. I don't have any other heavy apps running whatsoever.

    Can you guys help me speed up my droid device please?
    Is there any way to speed up performance of the microSD card, besides formatting it and making sure there is like 15-20% space free on it?

    Kind regards,


  2. zaax

    zaax Member

    Narh its just under powered and slow. Got a Galaxy 3 and that brillient

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