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Alex eReader rooted !

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  1. Bluebrain

    Bluebrain Member

    Done! The Alex eReader was rooted on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

    How to:

    Download the update.zip and copy it to the root folder of your alex' SD card.
    click to download
    Update: direct download link

    1.) Power down
    2.) Press and hold simultaneously the "back" and "next page" button.
    Hint: the "back" button is the lower one on the left side, not the "page back"-button!
    3.) While keeping pressed the 2 buttons, press and hold the power button.
    Keep pressing these 3 buttons until the alex logo appears on the screen.
    Release the power button.
    4.) You will enter recovery mode. Release all buttons.
    5.) press back + power button to apply the update.zip
    Hold on, until it's finished.

    You are done! Enjoy full root access!



  2. chaoticaffinity

    chaoticaffinity New Member

    It does not work for me. I have the black Alex reader. I get to a bootloader not recovery and it has a menu with 8 choices on it. I have been playing with the options but none of them seem to boot to recovery.
  3. Bluebrain

    Bluebrain Member

    You did press the "prev. page" und "next page" button, but you have to press the "back" and the "next page" button to enter recovery mode.

    The "back" button is the lower one on the left side.

    (I know, it's a but confusing with the buttons on the Alex)

    EDIT: see attached image which buttons to press.

    Attached Files:

  4. chaoticaffinity

    chaoticaffinity New Member

    Yup that was the trick . It is a bit confusing
  5. jcase

    jcase Well-Known Member


    I don't have one, but I an interested in details. What version of android does this device run? What are you exploiting to get it to flash a different image without having proper signatures (or were you able to get them).

    Would love to hear details.
  6. Alex Beginner

    Alex Beginner New Member

    Bluebrain, :)

    I have some questions. :confused:

    1. Is this procedure available for updated Alex by OTA ?
    2. Can I take advantage of OTA from Spring Design after rooted ?
    3. Can I from recover Initial Image onto Alex ? If you have initial image, could you upload that ?
    4. Is there possibility to brick ? Lower percent???

  7. Mescalito

    Mescalito New Member

    Bluebrain, have you done some other work with Alex since these posts? Partucularly, have you been able to get market access and install some other apps perhaps?

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