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  1. mchung53

    mchung53 Well-Known Member


    Item: Alienware M17X r2
    Price: $1500 OBO
    Rating: 9/10 (Since it is used. But it is pretty much in excellent condition)
    Alienware Owner's Manual
    System Specs
    Alienware M17x - Space Black - Anodized Aluminum, Genuine Windows

  2. darkendandroid23

    darkendandroid23 Well-Known Member

    Ok and now how much are you looking for and also looking for trades and also what's your warranty? Complete care until when?
  3. mchung53

    mchung53 Well-Known Member

    I have the 1 Year Basic Service Plan as of 4/30/2010 (the actual purchase date)
  4. darkendandroid23

    darkendandroid23 Well-Known Member

    Good Luck with the transaction, wish i could buy the machine...
  5. darkendandroid23

    darkendandroid23 Well-Known Member

    So any luck yet? Any trades you want to do?
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Please follow the Guidelines and only post if interested in making a deal.
  7. darkendandroid23

    darkendandroid23 Well-Known Member

    Sorry but it's true please don't penalty me.. These alienwares take the hardest hit.
  8. mchung53

    mchung53 Well-Known Member

    Let's try to sell this again...Bump
  9. mchung53

    mchung53 Well-Known Member

    Still for sale! Bump
  10. Momar99

    Momar99 Active Member

    are you going to adjust the price???
  11. mchung53

    mchung53 Well-Known Member

    What is your offer?
  12. ironhorse

    ironhorse Well-Known Member

    I will trade a pair of beyerdynamics t5p headphones. Brand new. RetAil for 1300. I just don't like full sized headphones.
  13. dyeLucky

    dyeLucky Well-Known Member

    Interested in a trade for an Alienware m14x, core i5 2.3 ghz (2.8 turbo), 8 GB ddr 3 ram, 500 GB hdd, Windows 8 Pro, nvidia gtx 555? It was purchase in September 2011 and is in perfect condition.

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