Alittle help with my youtube app ! greatly appreciated!

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  1. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    OK firrst off im new the forum! seen alot of great things happening here . just wanna b part of it ! lol . okk next off if anyone has advice im all ears . when playing youtube videos fully buffered the video still slows or u can say lags for about ever 3 seconds . idk if its the app itself wich im guessing it is because ihad zvb stock nd wrked the same . then rooted with black plague rom . still the same . then upgraded to zvd just rooted with stock . nd to no avail . still the same . sorry for the long post... any help with this wld be great :(

  2. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    What service plan do you have and what is the speed of your 4g connection? Does it lag on wifi?

    By the way welcome to AF, PRallday. Glad to see you joined ;):)
  3. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    Thanks ! :) i have metroPCS . 4g is about 2mb dwnload nd about 3mb upload . and when i watch youtube on wifi its the same . i also have a samsung admire . nd its perfect on wifi . its frustrating lol
  4. alexr777

    alexr777 Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue with the lagging while the video is fully loaded. It lags even on wifi. All I did was install a previous version of YouTube and the lag was gone. Idk if these guys have any other ways to fix it.
  5. OptiC-ShotS

    OptiC-ShotS Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue. It lags in every video. But when I use the YouTube website its perfect. I re download the app, downloaded someone else's.. In my opinion, it's the phone.
  6. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    hmmmm . ill try both website first and if same thing ill try and install another version of youtube see if that helps and ill post results . thanks for some feedbackk .! :]
  7. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    OK so i tried the website on the phone and it works ok . As for the app itself i removed it from the system and downloaded another youtube app called rolle tube . its the same app ur just able to download the videos from there and it runs just as smooth as the original app . as far as i know this works really well if your having trouble with youtube app . if anyone else knows a fix, thatll be great .
  8. crono209

    crono209 Well-Known Member

    My YouTube app doest work at all lol. well it does start up fine but wont load any videos at all. but the site works fine.
  9. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

    its the youtube app, i uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and it worked better. This is why i hate Jelly bean not having flash player support. I like using the website better.

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